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Winter dresses trends 2022: Here are the main trend dresses that are hot for fall and winter!

Nice and warm, comfortable and still chic – that’s how the perfect winter outfit should be. But that is unfortunately easier said than done and far too often we stand in despair in front of the closet. As soon as it gets colder outside, our jeans and cozy knit sweaters become our most faithful companions in everyday life. While the outfit duo is always a safe outfit choice and keeps us warm, it gets quite boring in the long run. The summer dress season is long gone, but we still don’t have to do without our favorites. The fashion world knows no breaks and luckily, plenty of winter dress trends 2022 are waiting for us to enter our closets. So get ready to brave the gloomy winter days in style, and find out here which dresses will be totally in this season.

Winter dresses trends 2022: style mini dresses in winter

Winter dresses 2022 trends combine strap dresses

If you think mini dresses are only for summer and spring, you’re sorely mistaken! Wherever we look, ultra-short dresses are undoubtedly among the biggest winter dress trends 2022 and have won a permanent place in our closets. Whether they’re made of denim, leather, velvet or cozy sweater dresses, these chic pieces can be found in every conceivable variation, so there’s guaranteed to be something for every style and taste.

Combine sweater dress in autumn winter dresses 2022 trends

While mini dresses in dark colors like black, gray or brown look a bit more elegant, neon colors are real mood lifters and also a purchase you won’t regret. Times green, blue or neon pink – mini dresses in trendy colors make a fashion statement and are a great eye-catcher. How you combine a mini dress in autumn and winter is purely a matter of taste – pretty much anything you like is allowed. Sometimes casual with sneakers or rough boots for everyday wear or a little more extravagant with over-the-knee boots for an elegant evening look – the styling possibilities are endless and the mini is an absolute must-have for fall and winter 2022.

Denim dresses

Combine denim dress in winter winter dresses 2022 trends

Whether it’s a pair of jeans, a skirt or a jumpsuit, denim as a fabric is a timeless classic that can be combined for any occasion and any season. So it’s no surprise that denim dresses are being hailed as one of the top winter dress trends of 2022. The trendy pieces are the perfect blend of elegance and casualness and an investment you won’t regret. When it comes to styling, denim dresses are real all-rounders and fit perfectly both in everyday life and in the office.

Combine denim dress in autumn winter dresses 2022 trends

Our absolute favorite this year are jean dresses in maxi length made of thicker fabric, which not only look chic, but also keep us warm. Dark washes are much trendier for fall and winter and look super classy in combination with earth tones like beige or camel. For a relaxed everyday look, we prefer to wear the dresses with sneakers or flat shoes such as loafers. If it gets really cold outside, then it’s time for boots and the dresses also make a great outfit with boots, with which you stand out from the crowd. Whether elegant knee-high boots with heel or cool ankle boots – absolutely all boots look great with a denim dress. Add a pair of statement tights so you don’t freeze and you’re perfectly dressed!

Midi dresses in bright colors

Fall 2022 trends colors winter dresses 2022 trends

In autumn and winter we turn our closets to black and gray? No, thanks! Bold colors that make our complexion glow always make a great statement and keep us in a good mood during the cooler months. Colorful midi dresses in bright colors are one of the most beautiful winter dress trends 2022, which we are already looking forward to.

how to wear a sweater dress in autumn winter dresses 2022 trends

Whether orange, pink, green or purple – the color palette is really huge and the dresses are a welcome, stylish change from our black dresses. The colorful models get along with chunky sneakers and elegant high heels equally well and are thus perfectly used in the office and everyday life.

Winter dresses trend 2022: Tweed is back

are tweed dresses in trend winter dresses 2022

Gone are the days when tweed was considered boring and old-fashioned. If you want to stay on trend this winter, you simply can’t get around tweed dresses. There’s probably no other fabric that feels so classy and luxurious, and tweed was everywhere on the runways for the fall and winter seasons.

Combine mini dress with boots winter dresses 2022 trends

Whether as classic A-line dresses for the office or sassy mini dresses, tweed dresses have been completely reinterpreted and have already taken our hearts by storm. While classic variants in black or white remain with us, colorful tweet dresses look especially playful and girly. And the best part? Tweed dresses can be styled quite differently to your heart’s content and are absolutely suitable for everyday wear. Whether classically elegant with high heels and blazer or in a style break with sneakers – there are absolutely no limits to your creativity.

Leather dresses as a fashion trend in winter 2022

Leather dress combine fall winter dresses 2022 trends

Would you like it to be a little rockier? The winter dress trends 2022 have something to offer for you, too! No other fabric screams rock’n’roll chic like leather. Whether it’s faux leather or genuine leather, leather dresses are making a big comeback this year. However, the classic has been given a bit of an upgrade for this season and feels much more elegant and sophisticated thanks to modern colors and feminine cuts.

Combine denim dress in autumn winter dresses 2022 trends

The current trends range from colorful models to hot patent leather dresses with a retro look. Leather dresses and boots are undoubtedly the unbeaten duo for a cool and at the same time chic winter outfit. To combine the leather dress for the office, rather go for muted colors and models in midi length. It doesn’t always have to be black – leather dresses in cognac or gray look just as elegant and high-quality.

Strappy dresses fashion trend autumn 2022 winter dresses 2022 trends