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Which shorts for thick thighs? – With these models you can conceal strong legs!

Here it is at last – the long-awaited summer. And with it, the time for light and airy skirts, shorts and off-the-shoulder tops. But with warmer weather often comes a critical look in the mirror. And let’s face it – there’s always something we’re not satisfied with. The belly is not flat enough, the breasts are too small or the legs too short. Yet every body is beautiful and we must learn to love ourselves as we are. Chic yet super comfortable, shorts are a staple for the hot season. However, buying pants every year is a headache especially for chubby women. Well, with a few styling tips and the right cut, any woman can actually rock an outfit with shorts! So which shorts with thick thighs should you choose if you want to conceal your strong legs? You can find the answers right below!

Which shorts for thick thighs?

kurze Hosen für mollige Frauen Shorts für dicke Oberschenkel

Before we begin, we want to make one thing clear: Absolutely every woman, regardless of her weight and body, can wear whatever she feels like. And yes, shorts are also suitable for thick thighs and they can actually look fabulous. However, in order for you to conjure up a great silhouette, you need to pay attention to some styling tips when buying them. In order to be able to conceal thick legs in the summer, the fit of the pants is of course the key. After all, we don’t just want to look good, we want to feel comfortable in our clothes. Whether Bermuda, paperbag, denim shorts, plain or with patterns – shorts are now available in all imaginable styles and lengths. All models are designed so that we can skillfully showcase or conceal different parts of the body with them.

Shorts for thick legs: The length is what matters!

Kurze Hosen für dicke Oberschenkel und Waden Shorts kräftige Beine

Shorts and strong legs do not go together? Far from it! With the right cut, the small problem zones can actually be wonderfully concealed. So what should the perfect shorts look like with thick thighs? Not too short and not too long either, but somewhere in between – that would be the optimal pant length for you! Think of longer shorts in boyfriend look, culottes or the currently totally trendy Bermudas! Shorts for chubby women, which are below the widest part of the thigh, are real eye-catchers and always make a great figure. Also, a high waist makes the torso appear visually longer overall and can do wonders for strong thighs.

Shorts for thick thighs: these colors and patterns are ideal for you

kurze Hosen für dicke Oberschenkel Shorts für dicke Beine Tipps

In addition to length, colors and patterns also play an important role when buying shorts for thick legs. To be able to conceal thick thighs, you should focus on the upper body with your outfit. Airy tops and shirt blouses skillfully put your shoulders and cleavage in the spotlight and are a real eye-catcher in the summer. Statement jewelry in the form of oversized necklaces could also help to draw the eye away from your legs. As for the material for shorts for chubby women, you can’t go wrong with fabrics like viscose, linen, denim and cotton. We would rather advise you against satin and silk – they wrap around your legs in the heat and would therefore not be a good choice.

Jennifer Lopez Outfits Shorts für dicke Beine

The striped pattern is one of the most popular fashion trends of the year, and vertical stripes are actually a great way to make your legs look longer and thighs look slimmer. Color-wise, you should rather go for muted shades and earth tones. Classics like white, black or dark blue are also super. Since gaudy neon colors and eye-catching prints immediately draw attention towards your legs, we recommend that you avoid them.

Wide cut shorts for thick thighs

welche Shorts bei dicken Oberschenkel Stoffhosen für mollige Frauen

When it comes to shorts for thick thighs, our biggest advice is to look for models that aren’t too figure-hugging and are cut rather loosely. Shorts that are too tight will actually make you look even bigger than you are and won’t feel very comfortable in the heat. Wide cut fabric pants are an absolute must this year and look flattering on any figure type. For this, it’s best to reach for straight cut shorts made of linen or cotton that ends a hand width above the knee. The loose fit makes the thighs look narrower and the shorts are incredibly comfortable. Wear with a plain top or a light t-shirt and you have the perfect summer outfit!

The classic: jeans shorts for thick legs

Jeans Shorts für kräftige Oberschenkel kurze Hose dicke Beine

Along with light dresses and sandals, denim shorts are also one of the basics that no summer wardrobe should be without. With a high waist and a casual t-shirt tucked into the front of your waistband, you’ll get a wonderful summer look that’s perfect for both everyday wear and date night. High waist styles are the best possible choice for comfortable yet stylish shorts for thick thighs.

Cycling shorts for thick thighs

welche Shorts bei dicken Oberschenkeln kurze Hosen für dicke Beine

Biker shorts, also still known as biker shorts, have been trending for years and have found their way onto the runway this season as well. While biker shorts are mainly seen on athletes, they are also great for super great and chic summer outfits. Responsible for this is Kim Kardashian, who brought the shorts into streetwear last year and wore them with high heels and blazers. The star is clear proof that bike shorts also work wonderfully as shorts for thick thighs.

Conceal thick thighs in summer: this is how you succeed!

Kim Kardashian Outfits welche Shorts bei dicken Oberschenkeln

Are you unhappy with your figure and would like to conceal your thick thighs? Fortunately, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to take the focus off your legs.

  • Emphasize your upper body and shoulders by wearing colorful blouses or V-neck dresses.
  • Large, bright patterns and gaudy colors are not suitable for shorts for thick thighs.
  • Shorts with a high waist will make your legs appear visually longer.
  • Dark clothes make you slim – we all know that. Jean shorts in dark washes and shorts in muted colors are the ideal companion for chubby women.

Shorts for thick thighs: The most beautiful looks to style!

kurze Hosen für mollige Frauen Shorts dicke Beine

Wear an oversized jacket to draw the eye away from your legs

Shorts für dicke Beine Dicke Oberschenkel kaschieren Sommer

Shorts with a high waist visually stretch the figure

welche Shorts bei dicken Oberschenkeln kurze Hose für kräftige Beine

Comfortable and super chic: shorts for thick thighs in boyfriend look

Shorts für dicke Oberschenkel welche Hose für mollige Frauen im Sommer

You are proud of your strong thighs? Then put them in the spotlight with denim shorts!

Shorts für kräftige Oberschenkel kurze Hosen für dicke Beine

Beyoncé also shows us that strong thighs should not be considered a flaw at all

Shorts dicke Beine kräftige Oberschenkel kaschieren Sommer

Cycling shorts for the ultimate summer look

Dicke Oberschenkel kaschieren Sommer kurze Hose für mollige Frauen

With a matching top your outfit becomes a real eye-catcher

welche Shorts für dicke Oberschenkel kurze Hosen für mollige Frauen Tipps