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Which shoes to wear with a pleated skirt? These are the perfect styling partners!

Pleated skirts came back into fashion a few years ago and since then it seems that all fashionistas wear them all the time. This is one of the few garments that have become a classic in the fashion world, and for good reason. A pleated skirt looks girly, romantic and light and airy. It can be easily combined with many tops and goes with a wide variety of looks. But many women ask themselves the question: which shoes go with the pleated skirt? Whether you want to combine pleated skirts casual for everyday or elegant for a wedding, here you will find ideas for every occasion.

Combine pleated skirt sporty

langer Plisseerock sportlich kombinieren mit Sneaker adidas superstar

Shoes can totally change the effect of your outfit. That’s why the choice of shoes mainly depends on the occasion. For example, for a casual everyday look, you can combine the pleated skirt with sneakers. Chucks, chunky sneakers or classics like the Adidas Superstar are perfect for this. White sneakers are real all-rounders and make a nice contrast to the colorful skirt. A white t-shirt perfectly rounds off this ultimate and super comfortable street look.

A t-shirt with a fancy print goes perfectly with a monochrome skirt

Midi Plisseeröcke mit Sneaker sportlich stylen

Pleated skirt festive style

Plisseerock festlich stylen mit Spaghetti Top und Sandaletten

If you want to wear the pleated skirt to an elegant event, high heels like sandals or pumps are a must. They conjure up a slim silhouette and instantly make your legs look longer. To keep the skirt in the foreground, combine it with an understated top like a spaghetti top. For an especially cohesive styling, go for shoes that pick up the color of the skirt or top.

Plisseerock schick kombinieren mit schwarzem Spaghetti Oberteil

Plisseerock metallic in pink mit schwarzen Pumps und schwarzem Spaghetti Oberteil

Pleated skirt outfit as a wedding guest

Plisseerock festlich stylen für eine Hochzeit im Sommer

If you’ve been invited to a wedding in the summer, then you’ll be right on target with an airy dress or skirt. Summer outfits in pastel colors, for example, radiate freshness and cheerfulness and are always great complemented by white sandals. The combination of pink and white is super suitable for a festive occasion in summer.

plisseerock elegant kombinieren für eine sommer hochzeit

Casual chic look for everyday life

Casual chic Look mit weißem Plisseerock und Wedges

If you are looking for a more comfortable option to high heels, wedge sandals are always a good choice. Wedges are the perfect summer sandals if you want comfort and a lot of extra height at the same time. Combining them with a pleated skirt creates a relaxed, elegant outfit that you can wear in everyday life, as well as to the office or to after-work dinners.

blauer Plisseerock mit Wedges im Sommer tragen

weißer Plisseerock im Sommer mit gemusterter Bluse und Wedges espadrilles

Evening look with pleated skirt

Plisseerock metallic lang mit schwarzen High Heels und schwarzer Bluse kombinieren

To make a gold pleated skirt in metallic look really stand out, it is best to combine it with a top and elegant shoes in black. A silver long pleated skirt, on the other hand, looks best when paired with a white top. Shoes and bag may also be black in this case, but beige is a better choice if you want to keep the whole outfit light and bright.

plisseerock silber metallic mit weißem oberteil und schwarzen schuhen kombinieren

plisseerock in silber mit beige schuhen kombinieren

What shoes to wear with long pleated skirt in summer?

Welche Schuhe zum langen Plisseerock im Sommer

Long pleated skirts that reach the ankles exude a special elegance, but can also be worn in everyday life. In addition, beige sandals and a crop top, which only barely covers the waistband, are optimal combination partners. To emphasize the summer look, it is best to avoid closed shoes under a maxi skirt.

langer grüner Plisseerock mit Croptop und Sandaletten mit hohem Absatz

langer Plisseerock mit Sandalen und Croptop kombinieren für Sommerhochzeit

Can you wear the pleated skirt with flat shoes?

Plisseerock im Frühling mit flachen Ballerinas tragen

In summer, you can also wear flat sandals and ballerinas with a pleated skirt. Just make sure that the skirt should end just below the knee to about mid-calf. This is the only way to ensure beautiful proportions.

dunkelblauer Plisseerock mit flachen Ballerinas tragen

Plisseerock mit flachen Sandalen im Sommer tragen

Business casual outfit with pleated skirt

Plisseerock bürotauglich kombinieren mit Schuhen in Blassrosa

For a classic office look, go for a navy blue midi pleated skirt and pair it with low heeled pumps and a simple, elegant blouse. The best thing is that navy blue combines well with many colors. Pointed heels are another option that will add the finishing touch to any chic office outfit.

blauer Midi Plisseerock mit weißer Bluse und beige Schuhen ideal fürs Büro

Combine leather pleated skirt

Leder Plisseerock kombinieren mit Stiefeln oder schwarzen Sandaletten

If you want to wear a pleated skirt even in winter, it’s best to go for a long model made of leather. It keeps you warm and can be super combined with a sweater. Ankle boots and combat boots go ideally with it.

Combine pink pleated skirt

Rosa Plisseerock kombinieren mit Sneaker oder silbernen Pumps

White sneakers are simply part of the summer

Rosa Plisseerock im Sommer kombinieren mit weißen Sneaker und T-Shirt

Combine green pleated skirt

grüner plisseerock kombinieren mit schwarzen oder beigen schuhen

Combine black pleated skirt with silver shoes

Schwarzen Plisseerock kombinieren mit silbernen Schuhen und Jeansjacke

Combine flat shoes with pleated skirt for a casual and elegant summer look

Plisseerock Metallic mit flachen Sandalen im Sommer tragen