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Which celebrity lady hid behind this mask?

See and (not) be seen – that seemed to be the motto of this celebrity lady at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles. The face covered with a golden mask, which left out only the eyes, XXL earrings, above a black veil. What music superstar so incognito on the red carpet? Here you will find out.

She is known for her big, loud and extravagant appearances. And so rapper Cardi B remained true to herself on the red carpet at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles: Her black, tight-fitting gown in mermaid cut with train, veil and golden facepiece provided the eye-catcher of the evening and was not designed by just anyone…

Cardi B – Phantom of the Opera or rap star?

Cardi B at the 2021 American Music Awards.
Cardi B’s outfit choice: incognitoPhoto: Getty Images

Daniel Roseberry, head designer of the French haute couture house Schiaparelli, was responsible for the look of the multiple Grammy winner. In his spring/summer collection, he relies on simple cuts that highlight individual body parts like small tanks, sometimes ears, sometimes breasts, gladly gold-plated as with Cardi B. In addition to the mask, the heavy, gold XXL earrings and her also gold fingersägel stood out, which peeked out from under black gloves.

Schiaparelli and his unusual designs

"It takes good taste to have bad taste", Roseberry explained his creations to "Vogue." People would respond to the combination of pop culture and craftsmanship. The designer continues: "We always flirt with vulgarity, but we make sure that it is chic in the end." In fact, Cardi B is not the only celebrity lady who relies on the designs of Schiaparelli:

Chiara Ferragni at the GQ Men of the Year Awards.
Gold instead of plaster cast! With her eye-catching breastplate, influencer Chiara Ferragni stole the show from everyone in BerlinPhoto: Getty Images

Chiara Ferragni appeared only recently with golden breastplate, Bella Hadid with XX lung chain. Unusual looks with a celebrity fan base!