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When it’s enough to let clothes air out – and when you should wash them

It has long been known that blue jeans should be washed in the washing machine as seldom as possible – the fabric is spared, and so is the environment. But how regularly should materials such as wool, polyester and cotton be put in the drum? And when is it enough to just let the worn clothes air out? Tikbow clarifies.

Washing clothes at 30, 40 or 60 degrees in an environmentally friendly, gentle and efficient way is a science in itself. High temperatures are a rare occurrence; modern machines and detergents clean clothes at 30 or even 20 degrees. In any case, you don’t always need a washing machine. Sometimes it is enough to air worn clothes so that they become fresh again.

When is airing better than washing?

If sweaters, trousers, T-shirts and the like are not really visibly dirty or smelly, they can certainly be just air-dried. This means: Hang them on a clothes peel or clothes line in the fresh air, let them air out for a few hours, and you’re done. This works especially well with wool, but there are also other fabrics that do not get dirty in the first place and therefore almost never need to be put into the drum.

Alternatively, the freezer can also provide a remedy: Simply freeze clothes that are slightly shabby but not stained overnight, and they will be (almost) as good as new in the morning, and unpleasant odors will be blown away.

When it is not advisable to dry clothes

In general, the closer the clothing is to the skin, the more frequently it should be washed. So leaving underwear to dry out is not a good idea. At most, this works for a bra that is supposed to get rid of the unpleasant smell of cigarettes after a party on the balcony.

It is also very unlikely that used towels or sweaty clothes will smell fresh again after a night in the air. Moreover, it would be rather unhygienic not to wash sweaty textiles, which should be washed at 60 degrees. Also with clothes from polyester or cotton lüften is not always sufficient: Even if shirts smell fresh again afterwards – tough stains, including the famous collar fat, only show up later. And in between, it simply has to be a wash.