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What shoes go with leggings: Discover stylish and trendy outfit ideas for fall and winter

You probably have a few leggings in your closet. And they are waiting to be combined in a new and comfortable way, with something chic. In the busy everyday life, leggings have proven to be one of the best choices for every day and occasion. With leggings you can go to the forest, jogging, shopping, but we also see so many famous faces choosing leggings for official events. Of course, whether your leggings look good for any occasion depends on how you style them. We’ve compiled a list of outfits which shoes go with leggings, for a great look and better feel.

The best shoes to wear with leggings in autumn and winter

What shoes to wear with leggings in fall and winter

Leggings are a piece of clothing that you can wear all year round. Whether it’s a pair of classic black leggings, yoga leggings, or your latest sportswear, you can style them a dozen different ways.

The right pair of shoes will transform your leggings from a casual look to an outfit you can wear to the bar or out to dinner with friends. We all have a pair of black leggings that are our go-to for any season.

The most comfortable combination: leggings and sneakers.

Combine with sneakers for a sporty outfit

When you buy leggings, there are two types to consider: Fashion leggings and sports leggings. Adding a pair of sneakers will instantly give you a sporty look. However, make sure you pick up a pair of sneaker socks that you can wear with your sneakers, as long socks with leggings are a no-go.

You can still create your outfit by choosing sneakers in the same color as your leggings for a monochromatic look.

If you want to make your shoes more versatile, look for running shoes with platforms. Round off your outfit with a hoodie, a running jacket or a white t-shirt.

Style leggings with sneakers

Elegant and comfortable look with sneakers and leggings

Want an athleisure look that you can wear anywhere, then try it with a pair of sneakers . White platform sneakers go well with leggings of any color and offer you comfort without compromising on style. You should always keep your sneakers handy in your shoe closet to wear with your favorite leggings in both fall and winter. Pair them with a classic white tee or crop top and a warm jacket over them for an off-duty weekend feel.

Don’t skip the high-neck sneakers, they are ideal for casual and semi-formal wear. The high-neck sneakers leave an aesthetic impression. You can certainly mix up the look even further by finishing off the outfit with a simple tank top or sweatshirt.

Which shoes to wear with leggings: heels for an elegant outfit.

Combine leggings and heels for an elegant look

Imagine you need to change your outfit very quickly from day to night and get ready in a hurry. Then leggings and heels are the best choice. Just swap your sneakers with heels and freshen up your makeup. Within ten minutes, you’ll be ready to head out the door.

If you have a pair of black leather leggings, style them with your favorite pair of high heels. Since leggings and heels will make your lower half look long and slim, pair the look with an oversized blouse, a loose-fitting tunic or a sweater. In winter, pull a scarf over it and layer it to keep the cold out.

A classic outfit with loafers

Loafers and leggings are a classic fall outfit

Loafers can be a surprisingly stylish shoe option to wear with leggings. Paired with black leggings, they are a classic fall style. If you want to wear leggings to the office or for a trip to the theater, you can style them with loafers. If you are not sure how to combine them, choose a long button-up shirt with a fashionable print. You can also throw a blazer over them for added sparkle.

Leggings with ankle boots for the colder months

Leather leggings and ankle boots for a trendy look in winter

Ankle boots go well with a variety of pants, including leggings. They are ideal because they fit snugly on the leg and can be tucked into your shoes. While ankle boots look great with standard leggings, you should also try them with a leather pair. If you combine black heeled ankle boots with leather leggings, you will instantly have a fancy and trendy outfit . For a club outfit, style your leather leggings with studded ankle boots.

What shoes to wear with leggings in winter: The overknee boots

What shoes to wear with leggings - with over the knee boots in winter

Have you ever tried to put on a pair of knee-high boots with jeans? Unless your jeans are like a second skin, it may take you ten minutes to put on the boots. The perfect pants to wear with boots are actually leggings. The appearance is not only stylish, but also sensual. An added advantage of leggings over jeans is that they are more figure hugging for taller women who wear slimmer boots. If you want to choose the all-black style, pair your leggings and tall boots with a turtleneck sweater and a short leather jacket.