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What outfit for school enrollment? What do the parents, the kids and the guests wear?

The first day of school is special for every child and wants to be celebrated properly. For many families, the question arises what to wear for the special occasion. What do the parents, the children and the guests wear? We offer several suggestions on how to put together an outfit for enrollment for the whole family: Mom, Dad and the kids that fit perfectly together.

What outfit to wear to the first day of school? Color coordinate the clothes of all family members

Welches Outfit zur Einschulung für den Vater und die Mutter Ideen

The question of what the family should wear to the child’s enrollment in school is not so easy to answer. If the celebration takes place on the weekend, then an elegant outfit is the right choice. If the celebration takes place during the week, then you can opt for casual and comfortable styling. The following tips will help you with styling:

  • Color-coordinate the family’s attire. That is, choose a color palette that is reflected in individual items of clothing (blazer, pants or shoes).
  • If the parents are wearing dressy attire, the kids should be festively dressed as well.
  • Both you and your children will wear the outfits for several hours. So, the clothes should be comfortable and allow freedom of movement.

What do the parents wear to the school enrollment?

Outfit für Einschulung Gast Familie was tragen

If the school enrollment party is held on the weekend, then the parents can dress elegantly: A pantsuit with a tie (or at least a shirt, a tie and a blazer, plus dark jeans with a straight cut) for him, a mid-length sheath dress with a beautiful print or a blouse made of silk and trousers with wide legs for her. It looks especially nice if the father’s tie picks up the accent color of the mother’s dress.

For a celebration during the week, you can dress casually. For men, this means a linen shirt and matching pants to it, for women – a midi summer dress in a solid color and sandals or ballerinas.

Outfit for school enrollment for mom

Was trägt man bei der Einschulung Outfit Ideen für Mama und Mädchen

Dress for the enrollment ceremony as you would dress for a family celebration in a restaurant. Out of place are long dresses or the outfit you wore to your best friend’s wedding this summer. Jeans with a straight cut and flat shoes are allowed as long as you style them with an elegant blouse and blazer. The matching jewelry will complete the outfit effectively.

Everyday outfit for enrollment for dad

Outfit zur Einschulung für Eltern Ideen was Mama und Papa tragen

The father should match his outfit with the mother’s clothes. A pair of pants in a neutral color and a matching shirt, plus high quality sneakers and the look is complete.

Choose a cool and festive outfit for school enrollment for boys

Cooles Outfit zur Einschulung für Junge Ideen

Starting school is a special occasion for which children should be dressed appropriately. Therefore, the jeans that you put on for a walk in the park are not very suitable. Instead, it is worth investing in a comfortable suit and dressing the child appropriately.

Cooles Outfit zur Einschulung für Junge kurze Hose

How you dress your child depends, among other things, on the weather. In warm weather, the following combination is suitable:

  • A pair of shorts with suspenders (for more comfort) and a comfortable shirt. In addition, a blazer made of linen fabric and comfortable shoes.

festliches Outfit zur Einschulung für Jungen Ideen

In bad weather, go for long pants, a shirt (without a collar for more comfort) and a blazer tone-on-tone with the pants. Prefer to choose plain clothes, which you can then combine with colorful sneakers.

Cool outfit for the first day of school for girls

Outfit für Einschulung für Mädchen Ideen für Kleider

Girls are also allowed to feel like true stars for the first day of school. A beautiful dress, a sweet hair ribbon or a hair clip with bow in contrasting color and the matching ballerinas or leather shoes to it – already the festive outfit is rounded off.

Outfit for school enrollment: what to wear a guest?

Outfit für Einschulung Ideen für die Eltern Papa träg Hemd und Jeans Mama lange Bluse und Schal

You are invited to the first day of school? Then you should dress appropriately. Guests may wear outfits suitable for everyday life. Jeans and a shirt for the men and boys and jeans and a nice blouse for the women. Girls may also wear a nice denim dress with tights.

Outfit für Einschulung Mama was anziehen Kleid in neutraler Farbe

Again, the rule is to color coordinate the outfits of the family. It is best to choose a neutral base color, a matching color partner and an accent color.

Outfit zur Einschulung für Gast Familie

Alternatively, you can opt for a “mother-daughter” or “father-son” outfit. The coordinated looks look especially cute in photos.

Welches Outfit zur Einschulung Vater und Mutter und Mädchen

What to wear for school enrollment? Outfit ideas for parents and children

Was trägt man bei der Einschulung Outfits für die Familie

Below, we give you several examples of outfits suitable for everyday schooling. They are color coordinated and perfect for fall or late summer. The first outfit suggestion is in pink, beige, mustard yellow and wine red colors.

  • Outfit for enrollment for mom: white sweater with glass beads and a pencil skirt.
  • Outfit for school enrollment for dad: sweater in wine red and comfortable pants in camel.
  • Outfit for school enrollment for boys: Sweater in beige and pants in mustard yellow
  • Outfit for school enrollment for girls: Blouse with ruffles in pink and wide flared skirt in brown.

What to wear to the first day of school? Ideas in neutral colors

  • Outfit for school enrollment for mom: silk blouse in pink, coat in beige and jeans.
  • Outfit for enrollment for dad: white shirt, cardigan in beige, dark jeans and new sneakers.
  • Outfit for school enrollment for boys: Sweater in cream and gray jeans.
  • Outfit for school enrollment for girls: Blouse with ruffles in pink and white knit skirt.

What outfit for school enrollment? Suitable for everyday wear and comfortable

Outfit für Einschulung für Gäste Ideen für Familie

  • Outfit for mom: dress in burgundy red
  • Outfit for dad: shirt in white, pants in camel, cardigan
  • Outfit for boys: Sweater in cream and pants in camel
  • Outfit for girls: Dress in camel with floral patterns

Festliches Outfit für die Einschulung für Mama und Papa und Junge und Mädchen

  • Enrollment outfit for mother: dress in pink and voluminous cardigan in cream
  • School outfit for father: sweater in cream and dark jeans
  • Enrollment outfit for boys: Blouse in green and pants in sand color
  • Enrollment outfit for the little sister: Blouse in white and romper in mauve