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What lingerie for women over 50: the right lingerie in which you will feel confident and beautiful

Many people believe that there is no beautiful underwear for women over 50. This could not be more wrong. It’s an absolute myth. It can be difficult to look good in lingerie over 50. Yet, there is little information or suggestions for women who are 50, 60 and over. Read on to learn how to transform your lingerie if you’re over 50.

What should you look for in underwear for women over 50?

What underwear for women over 50 - important tips and advice

Are you unsure what kind of lingerie suits you best? As you get older and your body and lifestyle change, so do your clothing choices. Lingerie can be the most intimidating as you age. As a mature woman, here’s what you should look for when choosing lingerie:

  • Comfort: Comfort is the key to feeling comfortable. A well-styled bra or panty generally fits better. The cups are well shaped without pressing on the chest area, and the elastic bands are soft but firm. Fittings such as rings and sliders are better if they are made of lead-free metal rather than plastic.
  • Fabrics: Natural and organic fibers are always a good idea when it comes to choosing underwear. Natural fabrics are more breathable and have natural moisture management properties that keep the skin drier .
  • Colors and patterns: wearing underwear is as much about you as it is about the patterns and delicate lace details. Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you don’t deserve attractive lingerie. Choose a pattern you love and a color you feel most comfortable in.

The right bras for older women

What bra to choose from 50

A woman’s body changes over the years. After a few decades, the breasts are no longer as plump and may sag a little. For this reason, the choice of bra is important. Older women should opt for an underwire bra and choose a thicker strap that lifts the breast better.

Many older women find a bra with a front closure easier to wear. A cup without seams provides a smoother and more elegant look when worn under a thin shirt.

  • Half and full cup bras: when looking for a bra, women over 50 have one thing in common: they are looking for a new type of support. Half-cup bras and full-cup bras feature a wide back and vertical seams that lift the breasts from underneath and support heavy post-menopausal breasts.
  • T-shirt bras: they are made with molded cups and have no seams. They are often made of cotton and provide a slimming look under clothing.
  • Balconette bra: Looking for a little more structure without sacrificing gentle support? A balconette bra offers generous coverage and beautiful stretch lace that moves with you. Wrapped underwires, adjustable straps, and a double hook and eye closure are what you should look for in a balconette.
  • Demi bras: as the name suggests, they do not cover the entire breast. They are not recommended for plump women as they do not provide enough support and the breasts may ooze out. However, they are perfect for women with smaller breasts.
  • Push-up/padded bras: if you have lost a considerable amount of breast size, the push-up bras and padded bras can provide the extra curves you need.
  • Minimizer bras: women with larger breasts often opt for minimizer bras. They are specially designed to distribute the volume of the breasts to a larger part of your chest, thus slimming the silhouette and firming the bust.
  • Strapless bras: they are ideal if your top or dress exposes the shoulder area.

What underwear for women over 50?

Shapewear briefs with high waist are the right choice of underwear for women over 50

  • High-waist briefs: Choosing the right bottom is just as important as choosing the right top. High-waisted briefs are particularly good for concealing the lower abdomen and making the tummy look flat and toned. If possible, stay away from thongs. They do nothing for a woman unless you are in your 20s or have an athletic body. Instead, opt for something more flattering and a little more covering, such as Brazilian briefs. They look great! They can be so much more comfortable and draw your silhouette beautifully.
  • Bodysuits: Although they sound rather conservative, today’s bodysuits are actually incredibly beautiful and very popular with women over 50. They also come in a variety of styles, from strapless to underwire. Figure-shaping bodysuits are also an excellent choice for women who want to tighten and slim their figure while needing a comfortable, second skin.
  • Figure-shaping underwear: to show off curves, not torture you. If your figure isn’t quite what you’d like it to be, there’s now a wide selection of shapewear to choose from. In the past, figure-shaping underwear looked like a torture device, and to be honest, it felt like one too. Nowadays, you can find comfortable shapewear that not only improves your figure, but also looks good on you. The classic shapewear for thighs has turned into a whole range of figure shaping underwear with varying degrees of support. Nowadays, you can find all kinds of shaping solutions in different sizes as well. The times when it was believed that shapewear was only for large sizes , are over.