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What jeans for petite women? The best petite jeans for shopping if you are small but big in style

Whether you prefer to be called petite, petite or short, it is not easy to find a pair of jeans for small women if you are under 5’6″. There are many problems that arise when you put on jeans that are not designed for your body. This season, there are a lot of denim styles that are trending. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best petite jeans to help you with this difficult choice.

What to look for in petite jeans

What are the top tips when choosing denim

First, focus on the inseam length, which is the actual length of the jean leg itself. For those who can be categorized on the shorter side of things, an inseam length of 66 inches or less is ideal. Secondly, opt for a size labeled “P” or “Petite” if possible, as you’ll then be able to grab denim with the right proportions and size for your body.

From a flared leg that brings out your inner flower child to funky printed high-rise jeans and relaxed mom jeans that are perfect for fall, you’ll find the best jeans for petite women that are made to fit your body.

Important tips:

  • A crotch length of 66 inches or less
  • A mid-rise or high waistband, which helps create the illusion of more height
  • Buy brands that offer “short” or “petite” sizes
  • Avoid styles with wider cuffs, which can make your legs appear shorter

What is the difference between “short” and “petite” sizes?

Petite vs. Short - What's the Difference

Typically, “petite” sizes refer not only to the length of the jeans, but also to the rest of the denim features. (Think cut, pocket sizes, cuff lengths, and cut styles.) Usually you will see these marked with a “P” because they are made proportional to your smaller frame. The same way standard denim is made for average to larger body sizes. This means that the leg length is the right fit, in addition to where the waistband meets your torso, and the size and placement of the pants pockets. On the other hand, “short” sizes have a shortened leg length, but the rest of the denim is the same as the brand’s standard sizes.

The best jeans for small women at a glance

Have you become curious? Here are the best jeans models for petite women:

Petite Straight Fit Jeans

Straight leg is a top choice

Our top choices are straight leg jeans because they offer a full-length design for petite women with a shorter crotch length, which means no rolling over is required. It’s pretty easy to wear straight leg jeans with flats or heels, but boots aren’t always the best combination for short legs.

Wide-leg cropped jeans for short women

The trendy wide-leg jeans must have a slight A-line shape

The cropped style shouldn’t intimidate you. It’s actually a great way to elongate a smaller stature, and these jeans are much easier to wear than you might think. Pair them with a short top in black, or with a silky one-sleeve blouse for a night out. On cooler days, throw on a sweater. Whatever you do, make sure your waist is visible and defined – that’s the key to making these jeans really work for you.

Petite Skinny Jeans

The classic skinny jeans for petite women are also a must-have

While there’s still debate about whether skinny jeans are in or out, the truth is that they’re a classic style that will forever be an essential when donning boots. We recommend choosing a shorter inseam for this type to create a longer silhouette – nothing is worse than bunching extra fabric at the ankles.

Flared jeans for short women

Combine flared jeans with studs for a modern look

Being on the shorter side doesn’t mean you have to avoid the extra fabric in the form of a flared fit. Flared jeans can make you appear taller, especially if you pair them with boots or clogs.

Petite women also like distressed jeans

Distressed denim for petite women

When it comes to wearing distressed denim, the key is to find the right amount of detail that is not obtrusive to your petite frame. You have to find the right balance with simple slits at the knees that can naturally expand with wear. Add the high waist, straight leg and shortened hem and you really can’t go wrong whether you pair them with sneakers, boots or sandals.

High-rise bootcut jeans for petite women

Bootcut denim is a must for petite women

Bootcut styles are back and this silhouette is a must-have for any petite woman, especially in a light to medium wash. This style elongates the legs with its high waistband, slim fit and monochromatic tones.