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What is the sew-in in women’s briefs good for?

Almost all women’s briefs have a small piece of extra fabric sewn into the crotch – but why is that? Tikbow explains what the sewn-in seam in briefs, thongs and the like is for.

Whether cotton panties, silk panties or lace underwear: hardly visible from the outside, all women’s underpants have an additional piece of fabric sewn directly into the crotch. Because of its shape, at first glance you could call it a “cup”, but that would be completely wrong, because the insert is not connected at the top and bottom. But what is the purpose of the insert in the women’s briefs?

Reasons for the insertion in the ladies’ panties

1. stability

The extra fabric provides a more stable base for pads or panty liners, which would adhere more poorly to thin, plain fabric.

2. protection of the intimate area

Even without an insert, the sensitive area on which the labia majora rest is better padded by the insert. This prevents unpleasant friction, for example on coarse denim.

3. inserts in women’s panties for better intimate health

The reinforced center of the panties provides an additional catchment area for the vaginal secretions secreted by the female genitals. Many women wear panty liners for this purpose, but ideally they should only be used for support during and shortly after the period.

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In the long run, the plastic protective film prevents air circulation in the womb, which means that moisture cannot be removed. Bacteria, which are supposed to be expelled by the discharge in the first place, accumulate and can cause infections in the worst case. As a rule, therefore, it is better to simply rely on the inserter in the women’s briefs.