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What clothes make you look older? – These are the clothes that make you look older and you’d better avoid!

Every woman wants to look young and fresh and we all invest an incredible amount of time and money in slowing down the aging process. Everyone gets old at some point and that’s just part of life. Age positivity is a very important topic and we firmly believe that every woman is beautiful, no matter how old she is. We all know that with make-up and the right hairstyle we can cheat away a few years. Unfortunately, however, reaching into our closet can make us look quite old in spite of everything. Our outfits speak their own language and contribute to how we are perceived by others. If you definitely don’t want to look older than you actually are, then you’ve come to the right place! Which clothes make you look older and which clothes you should rather avoid, we will tell you right now in our article!

What clothes make you look older?

outfit tips older women what clothes makes older

Okay, most accessories and clothing are not limited to a certain age and every woman can and should wear what she feels like. But just as there are fitted skirts for women over 50 that look more flattering, there are clothes that age. Fashion trends aside, after a certain age, it’s no longer about being trendy, it’s about feeling comfortable in our outfits. However, compared to anti-aging procedures, such as Botox, we tend to somehow neglect our clothes. At the same time, we look fresher and younger with the right shoes or blouse. But enough talking, read on and learn here what clothes make you look older.

Tweed makes you look older

what clothes makes older wear tweed in old age outfit tips women over 50

Don’t get us wrong – we love tweed and the classy fabric is a timeless classic that will stay with us forever. However, when combined incorrectly, tweed unfortunately quickly looks unfashionable and the clothes make you look older than you actually are. However, you still don’t have to do without the classic pieces. So that you don’t look a granny, don’t wear tweed in an all-over look or with other basic pieces from your closet. Style breaks are on trend this year and ideal to create a fresh and modern outfit. For example, the classic tweed jacket comes out quite chic with a top and flared jeans. Add elegant heeled ankle boots, a classy handbag and you’ll look 10 years younger!

Long cardigans or twinsets are taboo

cardigan combine in winter styling mistakes women over 50

Hand on heart – how many long cardigans do you have hanging in your closet? Granted – the cozy pieces are perfect for transitional weather, but unfortunately, the garments make us look older than we actually are. If you want to look younger and fresher, rather reach for slightly shorter models made of chunky knits. The trendy pieces add a touch of casualness to the outfit and are real all-rounders when it comes to styling. Whether with jeans, pants or a cardigan with dress – with such a look you do not go wrong. Twinsets, i.e. sets of shirt and cardigan, are also very popular, but after a certain age they quickly look old-fashioned and conventional.

Black clothing makes you look older

what clothes makes older how to wear black from 50

Black is classic, slimming and always on trend. But black from head to toe is rather unsuitable for a youthful look and the clothes make us look older than we are. Especially black tops additionally strengthen the lines under the chin and the strong contrast emphasizes our wrinkles. If you want to continue wearing black, try to lighten up the outfit with colored clothes or accessories. Even a classy scarf in bright colors is enough to enhance the otherwise dull look and turn it into an eye-catcher.

Animal and retro prints

what clothes makes older styling tips for older women

Not only black, but also garments in animal or retro prints make us look a few years older than we are. Whether it’s zebra, snake, leo or floral – absolute caution is required when styling the patterns. The all-over look is an absolute no-go for a younger and modern look. To add a splash of color to the outfit, always use them sparingly and prefer to combine them with basic pieces.

Skin colored tights

Dresses for women over 50 what clothes makes older

Yes, it’s true – choosing the wrong tights can ruin even the perfect outfit instantly. Skin-colored tights may conjure up a great complexion on pale legs, but they usually look very artificial. Especially slightly shimmery tights are one of the biggest styling mistakes that make us look older. When it’s too cold outside for bare legs, go for tights that match your own skin tone instead. Tights in black or with statement prints are also a great alternative and add a youthful touch to your look.

Garments in oversized look

what jeans for women over 50 clothes that makes older

Whether it’s blazers, jeans, sweaters or dresses – the oversized trend has been going strong for years, but it doesn’t look as flattering and cool on everyone. Especially with older women, it often looks as if you want to hide yourself and your body. For example, mom jeans are all the rage this fall, but can quickly look shapeless. In addition, oversized garments visually wear up due to the wide and casual cut, which is not always advantageous.

Which clothing makes older: These shoes are taboo for older women

what shoes for women over 50 styling mistakes that make older

What clothes makes older, you already know. However, you should also not underestimate the choice of suitable shoes in any case. From a certain age, more and more women opt for comfort instead of style and wear only old-fashioned shoes. At the same time, our footwear completely rounds off the outfit and also makes our legs look visually slimmer and longer.

what clothes make older shoes for women over 50 tips

For a youthful look, avoid shoes with an edgy toe and low block heel. Instead, try ankle boots with wedge heels, which are not more modern, but also super comfortable. And if you still want to wear the shoes, go for style breaks and combine them with jeans instead. Sneakers or rugged boots also exude a cool casualness and are perfect for a comfortable everyday look.

clothes that make older what colors for women over 50