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What are those little rivets on jeans pockets for?

Jeans come in countless varieties, but they all have something in common: the small metallic buttons on the pockets. Tikbow explains what they are all about.

Have you ever noticed the small, usually silver rivets on the pockets of your jeans? In fact, hardly any denim pants can do without the metallic details – and there is a reason for that. The clou of the unobtrusive rivets, which can be seen on the right and left side of the inside pockets and on the back of jeans, is as simple as it is ingenious: The knobs serve to prevent the pockets and seams from pulling in even under heavy use.

How did the rivets on the jeans pockets come about?

This detail goes back to the origins of denim. The cotton material itself is already extremely durable, but the tailor Jacob Davis wanted to make the pants even stronger for use by workers. He wanted them to be able to carry tools in the pockets without the danger of tearing. His solution was the small rivets that additionally stabilized the corners of the bags. He patented them in 1872, even before the original jeans inventor, Levis Strauss, and came up with the right idea: to this day, the useful little button has never been removed from the trousers, but is now no longer placed on the pockets just for reasons of durability, but is above all understood as a style element.