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What are the sweaters trends 2022 that we will soon see everywhere? – These models are hot for fall and winter!

We love the long summer days, but we guarantee you’d agree – there’s probably nothing better than snuggling up in lower temperatures and our favorite sweaters. Fall is here and sweater season is officially upon us! Nice and warm, comfortable, really stylish and super convertible – knitted sweaters are like jeans for us and are one of the most important must-haves for the cold season, which should not be missing in any closet. And what does that mean? It’s high time to familiarize ourselves with the latest sweater trends 2022! So, which sweaters will we wear this fall and what’s hot? Of course, you will find out all this in our article. So read on and find your new favorite style for the upcoming season here!

Sweater trends 2022: Cropped cardigans are a must for fall

Combine Cropped Cardigans Fall Sweater Trends 2022

It’s going to be pretty exciting this year – at least as far as sweater trends 2022 are concerned. Our cozy companions are not only super comfortable, but keep us warm on cold days and can be super versatile to combine. While cardigans used to be a bit boring and stale, this year they got a fresh upgrade and come across much chicer. After all the months in crop tops, we are now wearing cropped cardigans!

Sweater Trends 2022 Short cardigan combine with jeans in autumn

The short cardigans are perfect for the autumn transitional weather and look both casual with jeans, as well as more elegant with skirts for office perfect. Cropped cardigans in bright colors or eye-catching puff sleeves are especially trendy and turn even the plainest outfit into a great eye-catcher.

Cable knit sweaters as a fashion trend in fall 2022

Sweater Trends 2022 trend colors autumn winter

The good old cable knit sweater that we all know and love is making a big comeback this year and luckily is one of the most popular sweater trends in 2022. Cable knit reminds us of a braided pigtail and for us it is probably the most classic knit pattern ever. When it comes to styling, the cozy pieces are true multi-talents. The combination of jeans and sweater is a timeless classic for the cold season, but also for the office the sweater can be combined wonderfully with a dress or skirt. Cable knit sweaters in noble colors like camel, cream or beige are very trendy this year and radiate a simple elegance.

Sweaters with cut-outs are the autumn trend par excellence

Cut out sweater fashion trend fall winter 2022 combine leather skirt with sweater

Sweaters can not be sexy? But we see it differently! Cut outs were already very much in demand in the summer and remain with us for the cooler season. Whether on cleavage, shoulders or back – sweaters with cut outs are all the rage and have already taken the fashion world and our hearts by storm. Depending on your mood, you can combine the trendy pieces both casually and a bit more chic.

Cut out sweater trends 2022 outfit tips women over 50

Think of the 2022 sweater trend as the slightly dressier version of the classic knit sweater and don’t be afraid to experiment with a variety of looks. Literally anything goes when it comes to color choices, too. Make a statement with sweaters in bright colors or keep it simple with soft pastel shades or black.

Sweater trends 2022: stripes, stripes and more stripes

Striped sweaters fashion trend autumn sweater trends 2022

You love the maritime look? Then we have good news for you! Navy stripes are everywhere this year and are undoubtedly one of the coolest sweater trends 2022. Especially horizontal stripes in dark blue or black and white look super chic and are the perfect companion to our favorite jeans. But also in a style break with a feminine satin skirt or dress, the striped sweaters make a great figure and give the look a cozy, casual touch. Add a chic coat or matching boots and you’re perfectly dressed.

Fuzzy knit sweaters in bright colors

Sweater Trends 2022 Fuzzy Knit Sweater Fashion Trend Fall

Knit sweaters always have to be black, beige or white? This year it looks different! The more gaudy and colorful, the better – that’s the best way to describe sweater trends 2022. Fuzzy knit sweaters in statement colors are back in full force and put you in a good mood on the gloomy autumn days. The fluffy tops were already a real hit in the 90s and are finally moving back into our closets.

Fuzzy knit sweater fashion trend autumn sweater trends 2022

Whether it’s rich orange, bold blue, bright pink or lavender – the sky is the limit. If you’re feeling bold, go for a head-to-toe monochrome look. And if you prefer a more subdued look, pair the colorful sweaters with a pair of elegant gray pants.

Slipovers remain with us

Sweater combine sweater trends 2022

If you still don’t have a slipover in your closet, it’s time to change that. The sleeveless sweater vests were already mega hot last year and are also one of the hottest sweater trends 2022 this season. Once frowned upon as old-fashioned, the cozy pieces have gotten a cool upgrade and are the new favorite of all fashion girls for the cold days.

Sweater Trends 2022 Autumn Winter Sweater Combine with Jeans

Sometimes oversized, tightly cut or in cropped look – sweaters can now be found in all imaginable designs and look anything but boring. Depending on style and taste, the knitted pieces can be styled both casually and elegantly. If you want to be trendy this fall, it’s best to wear the slipover over an oversized shirt or dress. In addition, chic boots, matching jewelry and ready is your autumn outfit with absolute WOW factor.

Combine dress with boots fall sweater fashion trend 2022