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Wedding dress multiple wear – what you should pay attention to.

For many people, a wedding is a special occasion that requires special details. Right up front: an unforgettably beautiful, but also sinfully expensive wedding dress. An expert gives Tipps, like woman longer something of it has.

Actually it is nevertheless a pity: Bräute buy themselves a high-priced wedding dress and pull it only on the own wedding. Afterwards, it ends up well packed in the cellar or storeroom. But that doesn’t have to be the case, after all, there are combinations that are perfect for other occasions as well.

Jumpsuits, which can be worn both elegantly at the wedding and casually at the wedding reception, are still in fashion, explains Kerrin Wiesener of the Association of German Wedding Planners.

Details can enhance a wedding dress

Alternatively, Wiesener advises all brides: Simply buy a white, simple dress that you can also wear to other parties – for example, at a garden party in the summer or with a blazer in the Büro.

On the day itself, brides can crown the outfit with high-quality jewelry and accessories, a beautiful bridal costume and a noble hairstyle. And who knows, maybe the next time you get dressed you will even have memories of the sublime feeling that brides have on their festive day.

Be careful when dyeing the wedding dress

From the Einfärben of a wedding dress rät the Hochzeitsplanerin rather from: "I make this job already ten years, and met still nobody, which was then happy with its eingefärbte dress", so the Expertin. Because actually it always looks like a eingefärbtes wedding dress. One exception is wild silk, which can usually be dyed in beautifully.

It makes more sense, she says, to buy individual pieces that can be used multiple times–- such as a lace top and a tüll skirt. You can combine both elegantly at the wedding. But the lace top is also suitable with a blazer for the Büro or with jeans for a summer party. "The Tüllrock can wear women later in everyday life, for example, with an oversize sweater and Doc Martens. This is also a look."

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