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Underwear guide! Which bra color goes best under white?

Asymmetrical or off-the-shoulder tops, skin-tight skirts or tops made of transparent lace or skinny pants call for matching lingerie that either remains discreetly concealed or sexily emerges. But which lingerie is suitable for which look? Tikbow gives answers.

The right bra color for a white shirt

If a woman doesn’t want her bra to show through under her white shirt, then just don’t go for a white bra! The trick: nude or red underwear. The white color of the shirt neutralizes the red pigments – however, the T-shirt fabric should not be too thin, otherwise it will show through. So-called T-shirt bras with seamless workmanship and non-underlaid Bügel bras made of silk blends do not show through even under tight tops.

The thought of white underwear is also obvious with white pants, but is fatal, because a bluish white slip shines out like a spotlight under the white fabric. The safe option is a skin-colored, champagne-white or cream-colored panty. Also not a good idea, because they show through: animal prints or other patterns.

What fits under off-the-shoulder tops or spaghetti tops?

Stay away from bras with transparent latex straps! This is supposed to suggest nudity, but it only attracts attention: the plastic straps are very visible when you sweat. Better suited are bras without straps – thanks to a wider underbust band and a latex layer inside they do not slip even with a large bust size. If you have a small bust, you can also wear bandeau bras without pads. Alternatively, you can simply do without the bra as underwear.

What underwear do you wear under tight clothes?

A thong seems to be the logical solution for tight pants and skirts. But beware. The lower the waistband, the more likely it is that the underwear will be revealed. The much more elegant variant are laser cut hipsters on Hüfthöhe or low Brazilians, which sit extra low and hidden. The pants are made of polyamide or a similar elastic material and are literally laser cut, which makes seams disappear advantageously. If you want to be on the safe side, go for "seamless" – so seamless – höschen, as no nähte can be guaranteed to show.

What fits under an XXL neckline?

Those who forgo the bra here should not forget taping: special stickers prevent the unwanted showing through and pressing off of the nipples. On the other hand, if you can’t or don’t want to do without underwear, you should opt for a deep-plunge bra. Thanks to the low bridge, these fit perfectly with deep V-shaped necklines. If you feel like it, you can also play with the deliberate flashing of the wäsche – but please stylish! Choose a plain black lace bra and let at most a hint of lace peek out.

What to wear with a plunging neckline? 

Bra straps on a skirtless top or dress usually look inappropriate and severely disrupt the overall look of the outfit. If you want to show Rücken décolleté, there are unfortunately only two options: simply omit the bra or use adhesive pads that support the breast from below.

Courage to leave out

In any case, it’s easiest for women who feel comfortable without a supportive bra, which is pleasantly airy on warm days, and the advantage is obvious: no fabric shows through without underwear. With this look should generally be the top prämisse that you feel comfortable and just not too unprotected feels – in the truest sense of the word.