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Two simple tricks to determine ring size

Everyone knows their own dress and shoe size – but what about their ring size? In fact, it is not difficult to find out without the help of a jeweler. Tikbow knows two tricks with which you can easily determine your ring size yourself.

Measure the ring size with paper or string.

The ring size can be easily determined with paper, scissors and a ruler. To do this, first place a strip of paper (5 mm wide is ideal) around the finger, which should be comfortable to slip over the joint. Then mark the place where the paper encloses the finger and cut it off at this point. Place the cut strip lengthwise on a ruler, read off the number and the size is fixed.

Determining ring size
For a wide ring that takes up more space on the finger, the ring size should be somewhat larger.Photo:

Example: 5.8 cm (58 mm) corresponds to ring size 58. If you have measured exactly five centimeters with the paper strip, you have the ring size 50. The procedure works just as well with a string, but this is often very narrow and can therefore distort the result. The root of the finger where the ring sits is usually thicker than the joint, so the paper method gives a more reliable result.

Determine ring size with existing ring

The easiest method to determine its size is to take an already fitting ring as a base. The following formula applies: Place the ring on the ruler, multiplying the value of the diameter by 3.14. The result is the ring circumference, i.e. the ring size. Example: If the ring has an inner diameter of 16 mm, 16 is multiplied by 3.14. This results in an inner circumference of 50.24 mm, which, when rounded off, corresponds to a size 50.

Determining ring size
A ring size scale helps to measure the existing ring in a very uncomplicated way.Photo:

Tips for optimal ring size measurement

During the course of the day, at higher temperatures or during pregnancy, fingers often swell and increase in circumference accordingly. Therefore, it is better to measure the ring size in the evening and/or on warmer days. It should also be borne in mind that the thickness of the fingers on the left hand can differ significantly from those on the right. And: Ring size changes with age, so regular checking will help prevent errors.