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Trend colors 2023: These are the latest color trends we’ll be wearing next year!

Slowly but surely 2022 is coming to an end and in less than 3 weeks we celebrate New Year’s Eve! As the saying goes, you always have to look ahead – even when it comes to fashion. Because let’s face it – reveling in the new year right now is just really fun, isn’t it? And what are, the biggest questions all fashionistas and fashion girls ask themselves at the end of the year? What are the latest fashion trends? What are the trending colors for 2023 that we will all be wearing soon? At we always try to keep you updated and informed immediately for all the latest news. And of course, that will never change! Today, we’ve done our research for you and rounded up the latest trending colors for the upcoming season. So read on and find out here which shades will be entering our closets!

What are the trend colors for 2023 that you should know?

Trend colors 2023 fashion trends spring summer 23

Every half year, the color institute “Pantone” summarizes the latest trend colors of the season in its “Fashion Colour Report”. While we’ve been wearing gaudy and brightly colored hues in recent months, 2023 is going to be a bit more calm and relaxed. But that doesn’t mean it will be any less colorful – quite the opposite. The trend colors for 2023 show up in toned-down versions, but are just as fun. This year, however, trends from London have been taken into account alongside those from New York Fashion Week, and we can expect a mix of artful and timeless hues.

Pantone color of the year 2023 neon pink combine in winter

According to experts at the Pantone Color Institute, the trending colors for 2023 reflect how our experiences over the past few years have influenced our relationship with color. With a fearless commitment that ranges from chaos to calm, we are striving forward with a color palette that celebrates a newfound freedom and excitement to try something new. Cheerful colors and color combinations highlight our desire for individuality and encourage us to express ourselves in new and unexpected ways.

Viva Magenta is the Pantone color of 2023

Winter Jackets Trends 2022 Pantone Color of the Year 2023 Viva Magenta

Trend colors for 2023 combine our need for positivism and brightness, and the Pantone Color of the Year Viva Magenta is just that. The bold purple hue is on the border of cool violet and warm pink-red and is a real eye-catcher. After Barbiecore was trending last year, our love for pink still doesn’t stop. The trendy color was inspired by the red of cochineal, one of the most precious and powerful natural pigments in the world.

Viva Magenta Pantone Color of the Year 2023 Winter Business Outfits Women

Viva Magenta embodies fearlessness and courage, inviting us to experiment with our outfits and unleash our imagination. Whether in an all-over look or just as a small splash of color, Viva Magenta can be styled in a variety of ways and always looks great. Especially in combination with natural tones or blue, black and dark brown, the bright pink shade comes into its own perfectly and literally makes us shine.

Blazing Yellow and Empire Yellow as trend colors for 2023

Fashion Trends Winter Trend Colors 2023 Combine Yellow

“Illuminating”-Yeallow was already the Pantone trend color for 2021, and yellow is also showing up in very different facets for the coming season. The trend color for 2023 Blazing Yellow is a bright money that makes us dream of summer and the beach. The more subdued shade Empire Yellow, on the other hand, feels much calmer and more adult and is perfect for those who like it a little more restrained.

Combine blazer with skirt trend colors 2023 Pantone color trends 23

The shades set positive vibes for our wardrobe and our spirit and put us in a good mood on cold winter days. But what can you combine yellow with? The answer is actually super simple – with anything you feel like! The bright shade is the perfect companion to black, blue and white and also goes perfectly with brown and gray.

Fiery Red and Cherry Tomato

Dresses Trends Winter 2022 Red Trend Colors 2023

We told you that the trendy colors for 2023 are really fun, right? Red in “Cherry Tomato” and “Fiery Red” variants was seen everywhere on the catwalks and the shade is ideal for all fashion girls who like it gaudy and bold. The bold shade expresses energy and passion and it is impossible to imagine the fashion world without it.

which colors to combine with red trend colors 2023

How you combine red is actually purely a matter of taste. If you like to stand out from the crowd, wear the trend color from head to toe. Otherwise, red is the perfect companion to black, white or brown. Also in the colorblocking look in combination with other bright nuances, such as orange or pink, the color makes a good impression.

Spring Crocus: Purple as one of the most romantic trend colors for 2023

Trend colors 2023 how to wear pastel colors in winter

After Very Peri was the color of the year in 2022, we’re driving down with a softer version for the upcoming season. Playful, romantic and delightfully feminine, the floral purple called Spring Crocus featured heavily in the collections of Elie Saab and Emporio Armani, earning it a permanent place among the trend colors for 2023.

Skirt with boots combine trend colors 2023

The pastel shade looks super light and is a refreshing alternative to the usually dark colors we usually wear in winter. And the best part? Purple is great to combine with anything you feel like. Whether with black, brown, green or other pastel shades – the trend color is always a great eye-catcher.

Pink: Pantone colors Pink Cosmos and Crystal Rose

Combine pastel pink in winter trend colors 2023

Next year we will continue to see the world through our pink glasses! The trend colors for 2023 Pink Cosmos and Crystal Rose bring romance and tenderness to the upcoming season and have already taken our hearts by storm. Crystal Rose is a powdery shade that adds a playful and girly touch to our outfits. Pink Cosmos, on the other hand, is rather bold and acts as a stylish mood lifter in the cold winter months. Whether a cozy coat, playful knit skirts or elegant handbags – the trend color is really everywhere and hard to imagine our closets without it.

Peach as a trend color for 2023

Combine midi skirt with boots trend colors 2023

It’s still December, but we’re already looking forward to spring. “Persimmon” and “Peach Pink” are THE trend colors for 2023 that instantly give us great spring feelings. The soft tones feel super fresh and are ideal for breaking up our winter outfits a bit. If you want to stay on trend in the coming season, combine peach either in contrast with richer shades like persimmon and brown or opt for an all-over look.

Trend colors 2023 peach color combine blazer outfits winter