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Tips for good style from 50: styling secrets for a stylish look you should know!

There are many different fashion styles that women have adopted over the years. However, when you see a stylish woman, no matter what age, you know it. She exudes glamour, confidence and elegance no matter what she wears! Whatever your style, there’s a great way to make sure your look stays stylish – keep it classic! Here are a few tips for good 50+ style – fashion for the ladies over 50 is now chicer, more sophisticated and more fun than ever.

Style advice for women over 50 – tailoring is a must

Style advice for women over 50 - tailoring is a must

Often we buy a piece of clothing that we like, but at home we realize that it does not fit the way we want it to. Fitting clothes to the body is a must for the chic and stylish woman. When you buy a garment that you really like, you also want it to last. If your garment doesn’t fit properly, it probably won’t last as long. Especially if it fits too tight, is too big, or the pants drag. Damaged clothing is not fashionable.

Chic and casual outfits for older ladies

Having your clothes tailored eliminates the stress of finding a garment that fits your body perfectly, especially when designers often create a “one size fits all” shape. Tailoring gives you the flexibility to buy garments you truly love and customize them to your unique body shape and needs. The right fit is the stylish fit.

Styling mistakes from 50: bra that shows through.

Styling mistakes over 50 - bra that shows through

It all started with the popular series “Sex and the City”, where the main character wore different colored bra straps on most of her clothes. This look became a trend, but it’s not an elegant overall look. Neither is a black bra or underwear that shows through your clothes. It’s best to buy a skin-colored bra with multiple types of straps, where you can adjust the straps so that they disappear under your clothes. You automatically look more elegant when the bra or bra straps are not visible.

Tips for good style from 50 – quality instead of quantity.

Tips for good style from 50 - quality instead of quantity

If the 20s are about fast fashion and changing looks depending on the runway season, the 50s are about slowing down and feeling comfortable in longer-lasting, luxurious fabrics. Don’t rule out leather, chiffon, suede or angora wool to spice up a simple outfit.

Basics for the 50+ woman: wear elegant outfits with bold patterns.

Basics for the 50+ woman - wear elegant outfits with bold patterns

Bold patterns are just as hot in your 50s as they were in your 20s – but you might want to tone things down a bit and use patterns like leopard or tiger patterns as accessories, rather than making them the center of attention. A great leopard print scarf works wonders with a simple black dress and a chic jacket.

Tips for good style: invest in your accessories

Tips for good style - Invest in your accessories

For a woman with good style, investing in a few quality designer pieces is a must, and accessories are a great way to do it. Since your shoe size is unlikely to change and scarves are usually one size fits all, you can buy an expensive piece without hesitation. A single high-quality item can add a lot of value to any look. Choose a nice pair of designer shoes , an elegant or eye-catching handbag, a belt or even a great pair of sunglasses.

Tips for good style from 50 - styling secrets for a stylish look you should know

You also do not have to have a large budget for this. There are now many ways to buy used but still in good condition designer pieces. Don’t forget about the clearance sales! You can get amazing deals on designer pieces if you keep a close eye out for sales and act fast.

Style mistake – distracting, tacky jewelry.

Style mistake - distracting, kitschy jewelry.

If you like costume jewelry, then just complete your outfit with some stones. There’s a fine line between overdoing it with accessories and then no longer falling into the “stylish” category. Rely on your instincts when it comes to making an accessory stylish and not tacky. When it comes to accessories, less seems to be more. For example, wear a bracelet that enhances your outfit. It instantly adds a touch of class to a dressy or casual look.

Style secrets for women over 50 – combine chic clothes.

Style secrets for women over 50 - combine chic clothes

If you wear a shorter skirt, adjust the height of your heel: The shorter the skirt, the lower the heel. It’s a simple style secret to show less of one body part when you show more of another. If you wear an off-the-shoulder blouse or show more cleavage, forgo the short skirt in favor of a midi skirt or pants.

Tips for good style over 50: put on the finishing touches.

Tips for good style from 50 - do not forget the finishing touches

The finishing touches, such as makeup, hair or a signature scent, are essential for a stylish woman. A high-quality makeup on a clean face makes your whole appearance. A bold lip color that suits you can spice up any look. The perfect perfume is also a must-have for a stylish woman !