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Time for loungewear! 4 beautiful styles for home

Home office is once again the order of the day. Spend the whole day in your own four walls in jeans and blouse? Unthinkable! Tikbow has picked out the most beautiful loungewear combos for home, which look so not at all like Lotter look, but still score with lots of comfort.

Bright loungewear combinations

In 2020, the hoodie-and-sweatpants look has suddenly become fashionable – and nothing has changed. Particularly trendy are currently again together jersey pants and sweaters in bright colors and oversized look. But you can also combine different colored pieces with each other – whatever you like is allowed.

Woman in jogging suit
The jogging suit has become fashionable due to the pandemicPhoto: Getty Images

This is how the look becomes wearable: Simply combine XXL coat, statement jewelry and chunky boots to the sporty loungewear set, and you have a stylish and comfortable look for the next walk!

Monochrome loungewear sets

Thanks to celebrities like Kim Kardashian, the tone-on-tone homewear style is particularly hot. The reality TV star prefers to combine matching, figure-hugging tops and bottoms in muted colors, resulting in a sophisticated loungewear style that is extremely comfortable to wear thanks to cuddly knitted materials.

This is how the look becomes suitable for wearing: It is most elegant when the monochrome style is also continued with the remaining styling partners. Coat, shoes and bag should therefore be chosen in similar colors as the loungewear set.

Sweatpants plus cardigan

The all-over cuddly look à la Kim Kardashian is too much for you? Then how about this more discreet, but no less stylish variant: Simply combine the wide – and gladly also wildly patterned – sweatpants with the simple knitted sweater or cardigan and you are already dressed cozy and stylish. If you don’t feel like wearing the typical jersey sweatpants, you can simply reach for a wide satin model for this loungewear look.

The sweatpants-cardigan style is already chic enough by itself to pass as a normal everyday outfit because of the cardigan. Therefore, it does not need much additional chi-chi to enhance the look. It’s perfectly sufficient to combine chunky sneakers, a chic handle bag and (depending on the temperature) a mid-length coat.

Leggings and XXL sweatshirt

Black leggings are the classic among chill clothes. No wonder, the jersey models fit like a second skin, but are still extremely cozy – and this year even fashionable again. It gets’s cozy in combination with a sweatshirt or hoodie. If the apartment is not left anyway, it does not necessarily have to turn out oversized and reach up to üfte.

Xenia Adonts in hoodie
The oversized hoodie is the perfect styling partner for leggings.Photo: Getty Images

Tip: For the perfect chill sweater also like to look in the men’s department. There are often cool styles that are cut even wider than the oversized fashion for women.

Woman in loungewear
With a long blazer the leggings become suitable for going outPhoto: Getty Images

This makes the look suitable for the street: If you do want to go out in front of the door in the leggings combination, it’s best to choose a sweater that is longer than hip-length. Alternatively, a long blazer or a casual shacket can help. For a casual style can be combined with sneakers. With high boots it’s a number more chic – so guaranteed no one notices that you are actually in the jogger on the road.