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Time for blouses! 4 beautiful trends for spring

After a winter full of hoodies and home office, we are now looking forward to beautiful spring looks. What must not be missing? Stylish blouses that finally bring some variety into our closet and everyday life and now score with statement sleeves, lots of color and plenty of ruffles. Tikbow knows the 5 most beautiful (shirt) blouse trends with which you are guaranteed to be well dressed in spring.

The classic shirt blouse

The classic must not be missing from the blouse trends for spring: the clean shirt blouse model. Now we wear them not only in classic colors like white or light blue, but also in bright colors like canary yellow or bright pink:

Xenia Adonts in pink shirt
Fashion professional Xenia Adonts makes’s and wears the gaudy XXL blouse as a dress.Photo: Getty Images

In terms of fit, the shirt blouse could easily come from the men’s department this season, the combination of an oversized cut and firm cotton fabrics is particularly trendy – this makes the trend piece look especially voluminous.

We style the bright classic in spring ähnlich versatile as a white T-shirt – only that the color palette is wider. The oversized look with a wide-leg blouse and a sweater over it is particularly popular at the moment. A wide-leg jeans and chunky loafers to – ready. If that’s too informal, wear the white blouse with figure-hugging, light-colored jeans and mules. Important for the trendy look: The shirt is tucked into the front of the waistband at the most, the sleeves are rolled up casually and the top 2-3 knees remain open.

Woman in blouse
The white oversize shirt is combined in a loose and casual way in spring.Photo: Getty Images

Blouses with statement sleeves are trendy

The trend towards accentuated shoulders and XXL collars continues in spring. Trumpet, club and puffed sleeves have really caught on with the fashion world and turn the often neglected arm area into an eye-catcher – XXL volume is an absolute must!

Woman in blouse
Well, do you already have a blouse with statement sleeves in your closet? If not, it’s about time!Photo: Getty Images

The catch: The statement sleeve look looks stylish, but it wears out in the width. Our tip: To prevent the look from becoming too voluminous and turning into a Michelin style, choose figure-hugging styling partners such as a midi skirt in pencil fit or at least emphasize the waist, otherwise you risk volume overkill.

Opulent Rüschen blouses

With lots of extravagance in the form of Rüschen, flounces and lace we now compensate for the months in jogging suits and simple sporty looks at home. The color palette of the playful blouses matches their cute, playful look: delicate bonbons are right at the forefront, but the classic white variant must not be missing either.

Woman in Rüschen blouse
When it comes to blouses, it’s now time to get extravagantPhoto: Getty Images

Fact is: Rüschen, pastel colors and flounces make us look younger and more playful. To take advantage of this effect, the rest of the look should be either simple or cool – just not too cute! For example, leather pants in sweatpants style go perfectly with a white classic with a collar, wide-leg jeans look great with a pink blouse with flounces on the sleeves. When it comes to shoes, you can go back to finer models such as loafers or mules – the mixture makes the look!

Blouses with XXL collars are trendy

The collar is one of the typical design features that distinguishes a blouse from a normal shirt. Nevertheless, the neck area has received surprisingly little attention in recent years. This spring, however, blouses are suddenly wearing collars that are hard to miss: With lace that reaches almost to the waist, but cool are also übergro;e Bubikragen, or it is directly on neat Rüsche in the neck region set – which admittedly can look at first glance quite a bit over the top.

Woman in blouse
Even the blouse collar can now be a bit more, as this street style proves.Photo: Getty Images

At second glance, the XXL collars make the blouse but somehow special and even otherwise simple models to stylish it-piece. And: With the XXL collar blouse neckline can be shown, although the button placket is buttoned up to the top.