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Tights trends 2023: The most beautiful models and styling tips for a modern winter outfit!

Cozy sweaters, chic knitted dresses and great boots – the fashion trends in winter 2022 are anything but boring and fun! But as soon as the temperatures drop outside, they are back in high season – tights become our most loyal companion during the cold season and are an indispensable part of our closets. Especially when we don’t want to do without our beloved dresses and skirts, tights are simply unavoidable. Fortunately, the times when we only wore boring and skin-colored stockings are long gone. Sometimes patterned, in bright colors or even with rhinestones – the tights trends for 2023 make a real fashion statement and turn even the plainest outfit into a great eye-catcher. But enough talking – take a look into the future with us and find out here which tights models will be on trend in winter 2022.

Rhinestone tights as one of the biggest tights trends for 2023

New Year's Eve outfit styling ideas rhinestone pantyhose trend 2022

Tights have long ceased to be a means to an end, but rather fashion accessories that instantly enhance our outfits. And in keeping with the festive season, one particular model has caught our attention, and that is Rhinestone Tights! Translated from English, “rhinestone tights” means something like “rhinestone tights” and that pretty much explains it all. Small rhinestones or gemstones or glitter embellishments are all the rage in fashion and rhinestone tights are celebrated as one of the most beautiful tights trends.

Rhinestone pantyhose trend festive new year's eve outfits ideas

The sparkly pieces have taken our hearts as well as social media by storm and even on TikTok the hashtag #rhinestonetights has more than 750,000 views. Pretty impressive, right? The rhinestone tights put our legs in the spotlight wonderfully and immediately put us in a good mood. For an elegant New Year’s Eve outfit , which immediately catches the eye, combine the tights best with a classic black dress or a mini skirt. Since the stockings are eye-catching enough in themselves, you’d better keep the rest of the look simple.

Fishnet tights remain trendy

Fishnet tights trends 2022 New Year's Eve outfit ideas

Not particularly practical in sub-zero temperatures, but still a great eye-catcher – fishnet tights continue to stay with us this season and are undoubtedly one of the biggest tights trends for 2023. The chic pieces give our outfits a cool rock-n-roll touch and create a fashionable grunge look. However, some caution is advised when styling them, because in combination with a short leather skirt and over-the-knee boots or high heels, the outfit quickly looks too cheap. Rather go for style breaks and wear a skirt or a dress in midi or maxi length with it.

Tights trends 2023 fishnet tights combine with jeans

If you don’t want to freeze in winter, you can wear black tights under the fishnet tights. It also looks particularly cool if you wear fishnet tights under jeans in a distressed look. So the fishnet pattern flashes out through the holes, which makes for a super casual and trendy look. Add to that a chunky boot or chunky loafer and your winter outfit is ready.

Statement tights with patterns

New Year's Eve outfit ideas knit skirt combine with tights

Okay, we admit it – patterned tights are not a novelty, but are becoming more and more popular from season to season. Sometimes with polka dots, geometric motifs, little hearts or even sayings – the pieces give us a touch of elegance and glamour and have thus already earned a permanent place among the tights trends for 2023. Tights with patterns in a wide variety of designs could be seen everywhere on the catwalks and it is impossible to imagine our closets without them. Especially popular this year are tights with logo patterns of various fashion labels, such as Gucci or Chanel.

patterned tights trends 2023 how to combine mini skirt in winter new year's eve outfit

Here, too, styling requires a little flair. So that the tights remain the focus of the outfit, you should keep the rest of the look simple. The stockings are especially great to combine with mini skirts made of corduroy or knit dresses, but also look really chic with leather shorts. And as far as shoes are concerned, anything you like is allowed. Whether high heels, sneakers or chunky boots – depending on the occasion and taste, you can wear anything with them. No matter how you combine them, one thing is certain – the tights trends for 2023 are always eye-catching and give our outfits a playful, girly touch.

Pantyhose trends 2023: Bright colors are in

Jenna Ortega outfits pictures neon colored tights trends 2022

Black and nude will remain a timeless classic, but every now and then we’d feel like a little variety and the tights trends for 2023 are just made for it! Bright trendy colors, such as neon pink, blue or green, we wear now not only as skirts or sweaters – the trendy shades can also be found on our legs for this winter! Fashion houses such as Diesel, Valentino, Bottega Venetta and Giambattista Valli are showing the way in their collections and have made the extravagant tights absolutely suitable for everyday wear. Admittedly – to venture out on the street with the colorful tights, a fair amount of courage and self-confidence is required. But if you like to stand out from the crowd and experiment with your outfits, then go for it!

Pantyhose Trends 2023 Combine mini skirt in winter New Year's Eve Outfit Ideas

If you want to slowly approach the pantyhose trend for 2023, you’ll prefer to wear plain basic pieces in restrained colors like black, beige or white with them. But also in monochrome look or as colorblocking, the tights make a good impression and ensure a good mood in the gloomy winter weather. For a harmonious look, we recommend picking up the color of the tights in the rest of the outfit. Or how about blue tights and a beige skirt, for example? Actually, pretty much anything you like is allowed. So be brave and don’t be afraid to experiment with different color combinations.

Overknee tights as a fashion trend in winter

how to combine tights pantyhose trends 2022 new year's eve outfit

They are probably the coolest and hottest tights trend for 2023 par excellence: overknee tights! The fashion trend is to be assigned to the trendy preppy style and reminds us a little of our school uniforms – but with a provocative and modern touch. Sometimes in black, nude or neon colors – the statement tights can be found in all imaginable colors and designs and we have spotted several fashionistas and It-girls wearing them. Reason enough to grab a model too, right? To really show off the over-the-knee tights, we prefer to combine them with mini skirts and dresses.

Overknee tights trends 2022 Mini skirt combine with boots