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The most beautiful wedding dress trends for the wedding season 2022

The Corona pandemic has also left its mark on the wedding dress industry. While dresses previously couldn’t turn out bulky and extravagant enough, celebrations on a scaled-down scale and the trend towards casual styles have also caused a rethink when it comes to bridal fashion. What exactly does that mean? Tikbow checks out which wedding dress styles are trending for the 2022 wedding season.

Transparent wedding dresses with corset are trendy

Model in wedding dress
The corsage trend not only inspires Genz-Z, but has also arrived in the wedding dress worldPhoto: Getty Images

Glittering princess gowns with XXL hoop skirts were yesterday, now people are getting married in light, fairy-like dresses! Delicate fabrics, soft tulle and high-quality lace are at the top of the list of wedding dress trends in 2022. The focus is mainly on semi-transparency, i.e. you can glimpse skin through the light fabrics. But don’t worry: the material is one size thicker in the most important places so that you don’t see too much. By the way, the whole thing looks especially nice in combination with sexy corset cuts. If you only want to give the impression that you show skin without really seeing anything, you can go for a dress underlined in the respective skin color and tattoo lace.

Practical: 2-in-1 dresses

Woman in wedding dress
In this creation by Carlo Pignatelli you can remove the XXL skirt and turn the dress into a sexy party dress in just a few stepsPhoto: Getty Images

If the Corona era has taught us one thing, it’s that practical, versatile clothing is usually the better choice. As a consequence, jogging suits became suddenly fashionable and upcycling is also very popular. Now it’s also becoming a bit more functional when it comes to bridal fashion. While brides usually like to have two dresses for their big day – one for the wedding ceremony and one for the party afterwards – in 2022 we wear dresses that combine both. How to do it? With detachable elements such as an XXL skirt or long sleeves, which are usually attached to figure-hugging lace dresses and simply removed from the dress after the ceremony. This way, a woman has a great gown for the wedding and a stylish and cozy party dress for the evening – win-win!

Jumpsuits and two-piece

Woman in wedding jumpsuit
Jumpsuits are now competing with the well-known wedding dresses – and look at least as stylish, don’t they?Photo: Getty Images

Speaking of cozy: in 2022 it doesn’t necessarily have to be a dress to get married, long, white jumpsuits are replacing the classic dress step by step. The one-piece suits also come in flowing fabrics and with lots of lace, but at the same time score points with a certain casualness and coolness. Perfect for all brides who don’t really see themselves in a glamorous wedding dress. Also cool: Wedding two-pieces consisting of flowing pants and a short, figure-hugging lace top with long sleeves – it doesn’t get more stylish than this.

Short wedding dresses

For a long time, the unwritten law was: festive dresses must be long. Fortunately, such fashion rules have long been a thing of the past. Wedding dresses are now allowed to be short and not only for the wedding party, but also for the ceremony. It doesn’t matter whether they go for a mullet cut or an all-around short fit – in any case, the mini wedding dress looks cute and playful. Influencer Mandy Bork provides the proof:

Minimalist wedding dress trend

In the wedding dress trends there is also something for all those who are friends of simple designs. Minimalism is also in – a style characterized by clear cuts and smooth fabrics without much chi-chi. The best example of this is the Givenchy wedding dress worn by Duchess Meghan, who already opted for the clean understatement design in 2018.

Meghan in wedding dress
Unforgettable: Duchess Meghan’s simple but extremely elegant Givenchy wedding dress.Photo: Getty Images

The big advantage: minimalist dresses always look classy and elegant, but don’t steal the bride’s thunder. If you like, you can add a few eye-catching accents with veils, jewelry and shoes.