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The most beautiful knitted dresses and how we combine them

Knit dresses have – in addition to their high comfort factor – a very decisive advantage: Once the right dress is found, the entire outfit stands with only one part. So it’s no wonder that knitted dresses are once again at the top of the trend list for fall. Tikbow knows in which models we now go through the cold season and how we style them cool.

Oversized knit dresses

While we liked to dress up in knee-length knitted dresses in the past fall/winter seasons, we now prefer to wear models in midi or maxi length. The motto here is not only “the longer the better”, but also “a little more width”. If you still want to show off your figure, opt for a knit dress with leg slits. When it comes to colors, models in muted colors like beige, black or gray are very popular.

The styling of XXL dresses could not be simpler: shoes, jewelry and blazer or coat, that’s all it takes. For a casual look, it’s best to choose sneakers to go with the dress, it’s more chic with boots with a wide shaft, chunky loafers with matching ankle boots or combat boots with a platform. In general, platform soles or heels are a good idea with an oversized dress. Because: The extra centimeters on the feet ensure a visually stretched silhouette and prevent you from drowning in the oversized dress.

Dresses with shirt collar

The classic knitted dresses with turtlenecks now have competition: the new trend models have shirt collars and a short button placket for a change and look as if a thin knitted dress had been crossed with a polo shirt. In fact, the new collar design gives the dress, which is chic in itself, a certain sporty touch:

Woman in dress
Depending on taste and weather conditions, the dress can be worn unbuttoned or closed. Photo: Getty Images

The difficulty with this dress model: polo shirts have not only a sporty, but also a playful image. The overall look with the collar dress should therefore not be too conservative. It is essential that it is broken up by cool accessories. For example, chunky shoes and a stylish It-bag make sense as styling partners for blazers and polo-knit dresses. It also helps if bright colors and patterns are brought into play. The main thing is that the look doesn’t seem too severe in the end.

Mini knit dresses with turtleneck

Not in the mood for long knit dresses? Then we have good news: The short knitted dress counterpart may also be worn out this fall. The turtleneck models in mini lengths could almost pass for oversized knit sweaters, as short as they are. Mostly they end somewhere in the middle of the thigh, but thanks to the wide fit it is still not too sexy.

Leonie Hanne
Leonie Hanne combines a short knitted dress with turtleneck with a cute Jacquemus bagPhoto: Getty Images

The short dress looks especially elegant in combination with blazer and overknees or half-high boots with wide shaft. If that is too much for you, you can also wear the dress like an XXL sweater. Cool is the combination of short cable knit dress with satin skirt and chunky boots, but the knit dresses also make üover jeans and with sneakers a good figure.

Bodycon knit dresses

Fine knit dresses in bodycon fit are probably the sexiest version of the knit dress. These are dresses that fit almost like a second skin. Bodycon" is made up of the words "body" and "conscious", meaning as much as "body-conscious". So that the whole thing is not too much in everyday life, the dresses in tube dress optics usually wear a high-necked round neck or turtleneck.

Woman in knit dress
With a figure-hugging fit, the knit dress becomes sexyPhoto: Getty Images

The catch: the body-conscious dress forgives nothing. Who does not feel comfortable, can reach for shapewear. A blazer also looks cool worn over the dress. And here too: heel and platform are a good idea, because both stretch.