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The most beautiful jeans trends for women in winter

Bad news for all friends of skinny jeans: The skin-tight pant shape will probably not celebrate a comeback anytime soon. In the meantime, the exact opposite is the trend: they have to be wide, comfortable and decidedly casual. Which denim styles does this mean exactly? Tikbow does the trend check.

Wide-leg jeans remain trendy

Meanwhile, wide-leg jeans are something like the new skinny jeans. What distinguishes them are the wide legs that give them their name – but the trendy pants are not to be confused with boyfriend jeans. While the all-around wide leg, the wide leg variant is really only the legs cut wider towards the hem. At the waist, hips and buttocks, however, it sits figure-hugging and looks so much more feminine than other wide-cut denim styles.

Woman in denim
When it comes to jeans, the motto is: wide-leg is the new skinny! Photo: Getty Images

Wide-leg jeans are easy to style – especially when they come in a classic light denim blue: From sneakers to boots, everything is possible, but also delicate pumps can peek out from under the wide legs. Generally speaking, waist-high pants are best worn with a cropped top. In the meantime, however, the XXL look – i.e. wide trousers meet a sweater that is also wide – has become popular, which looks twice as casual.

Low-waist and loose fits

This winter sees the return of a trend that may trigger flashbacks to the early 2000s for some fashionistas: Low-waist fits. At least since the Miu Miu show in Paris, the return of pants and skirts that reach no further than the hips has been sealed. And now the polarizing trend has a firm grip on jeans trends as well. Fortunately, the whole thing has not yet come in conjunction with tight jeans, the focus is on loose fits. And the low-waist trend in jeans is not yet as extreme as it was back then. The hip bones are still covered by fabric.

Woman in jeans
The wide low-waist jeans look especially good with casual styling partnersPhoto: Getty Images

Overall, the style is quite close to the well-known baggy jeans, the only difference: the crotch is not as low. Therefore, the figure is not yet lost in the trendy pants as extremely as in the retro variant. If you like, you can also use a wide sweatshirt as a styling partner and combine chunky boots or sneakers. Alternatively, the combination with a tight top and leather blazer looks nice.

Patchwork denim

Do-it-yourself and upcycling have been in vogue at least since the last Corona lockdown, and jeans are no exception: patchwork-look pants currently dominate street style looks from Copenhagen to Paris. In patchwork, different patches are mixed up and stitched together in a colorful way. Depending on the style, color choice and print, this gives the garment a very punky or a more romantic, playful hippie look.

Woman in jeans
Fancy a bit of variety in your closet? Then this is the sign to get yourself a pair of patchwork jeans nowPhoto: Getty Images

Patchwork originated originally übrigens not as a fashion trend, but also material need out. In the 60s, Yves Saint Laurent was the first designer to send a model down the runway in a colorful patchwork dress. If you don’t dare to wear large patches and wild pattern mixes, you can opt for jeans with individual contrasting patches, for example on the knee.

Mom Jeans

It disappeared from the scene last year, but now it’s back on the list of jeans trends: the half-width mom jeans with a narrower hem, but otherwise figure-flattering fit – Gemütlichkeit rules! 

Woman in mom jeans
Long time no see! The mom jeans now celebrates its comebackPhoto: Getty Images

Combined the mom jeans just like a skinny jeans, that is: to everything! They look especially nice with pointed ankle boots, a turtleneck shirt (tucked into the waistband) and an oversized blazer. Mom jeans, XXL sweatshirt and boots go but of course also always.

Slit Jeans

For all those who long for skinny jeans but still want to go with the trend, slit jeans are the perfect compromise. As the name suggests, the trendy pants come with a slit that provides more width at the hem and allows a glimpse of the footwear. The effect: The small detail makes any jeans, no matter how simple, look one size more stylish;

Woman in slit jeans
Slit cuts, which expose the view of the ankle, have become an indispensable part of our wardrobes.Photo: Getty Images

The pants look best with chic footwear, so feel free to unpack pumps and pimp on cold days with socks. But even with cowboy or combat boots, you can’t go wrong with a pair of slit jeans. Since the trendy pants are usually quite long, it makes sense to go for heels or platforms.