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The epaulettes on the coat have a specific function

This classic will protect us from wind and rain also this fall: The trench coat is one of the most elegant coats and simply goes with all outfits. But what’s the deal with the loops or buttons on the shoulder part? Tikbow explains.

Epaulettes adorn many coat and jacket models as purely fashionable accents, but in the case of the trench coat they originally had both a practical and symbolic purpose: During World War I, the coats were part of the uniform of the British Army, and the loops on the shoulders indicated the officers’ rank. This marking was invented by Thomas Burberry (1835 – 1926), whose eponymous cult brand Burberry still produces the most famous and expensive coats of this kind.

A relic from old military times

Heute hat der Trenchcoat als Berufskleidung ausgedient, an "ziviler" Oberbekleidung findet sich die Schulterklappe aber weiterhin – und sie hat sogar eine weitere Funktion, die nur fast niemand benutzt: Das vermeintlich ausschließlich schmückende A relic from old military times dient als Halterung für die Schultertasche! 

An end to slipping pockets

It’s as simple as this: open the shoulder button, hang the bag on your shoulder and close it again with the flap. This guarantees that the bag on the one hand does not slip off the shoulder and on the other hand theft can be almost ruled out. This trick also works with small backpacks. But be careful: when you put the bag down, first open the shoulder flap again, otherwise it might slip off.