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The coolest eyewear trends for every face shape

The search for the right pair of glasses can be quite complicated. After all, for most people they are much more than just a visual aid – they are an accessory that can greatly change one’s look and emphasize certain personality traits. Tikbow checks which shapes, frames and materials are currently in fashion and for which face which model is best suited.

Windsor glasses are trendy

The circular Windsor glasses have become a trend – and it is persistent. The reason may be their minimalist design: narrow frame, bezel-less shape, purist materials like titanium or stainless steel – that’s all it takes. The result: a discreet, timeless and quite stylish pair of glasses that goes with any outfit and hair style.

Woman with glasses n-Trend Windsor Brille
The round metal glasses – or also philosopher or Windsor glasses – is the new, old classic among the visual aidsPhoto: Getty Images

The delicate, round shape harmonizes particularly well with angular facial features. It makes the face look less severe and gives it more softness. If you have a rather flat face, however, you should stay away from glasses that are too small. And: Above a certain visual strength, the glasses become too thick for the thin frame. So before buying better again Rücksprache with the optician of trust!

Plastic frames in subtle shades

The new it-glasses now adorn themselves with wide plastic frames in subtle colors such as beige and old pink or even sometimes in transparent look – somehow discreet, but somehow also quite an eye-catcher. The frames are, ähnlich as with the well-known "Nerdbrille", wide and bulky, but so that the whole does not hide too much of the face, the frame comes in muted Tönen or even in colorless acetate. This takes the edge off the XXL shape and gives the face more space.

Woman with glasses
With a transparent frame, the bulky plastic glasses become a bit simpler – but remain a cool eye-catcher!Photo: Getty Images

The discreetly colored frames match any skin tone, any hair color, any style. The only thing to be careful about is size and shape. A heart-shaped or very angular face generally looks better with soft and round frames, while larger models make more sense on wide faces than on narrow ones. And: if you have a round face, it’s best to go for an angular transparent model.

Aviator style

This shape is the evergreen among sunglasses and has become an indispensable part of visual aids. We are talking about aviator or pilot glasses. The almost legendary teardrop shape with single or double bridge is so popular right now that even fashionistas who don’t actually wear glasses are buying the trendy item with window glass lenses. Models with gold or silver frames are still particularly popular. What’s new is that women’s glasses can also be a little more angular, but that’s definitely a matter of taste.

Woman with aviator glasses
Fashionistas currently love XXL glasses in aviator style.Photo: Getty Images

Round faces benefit from the distinctive shape of the glasses, the facial features are highlighted more, the look looks edgier. If you have a rather angular face, you should go for a fine Aviator model with a preferably round shape, so that the look is not too hard.

70s-look glasses are trendy

With these trendy glasses, things get extravagant: The models in the trendy 70s style rely on extra-large glasses and fine metal frames in special shapes. For example, the glasses come in hexagonal or almost square but with rounded corners – the main thing is that the whole thing has a special look!

Woman with large glasses
The extra-large 70s model is probably the most extravagant eyewear trend.Photo: Getty Images

Due to the large shape, this model is perfect for flat and angular faces. However, for those with a small head or a very narrow face shape this trend is nothing, too big is the danger that they disappear behind the XXL glasses.


Browliner models are glasses where the focus is on the top. The top frame is thicker than the bottom and runs along the brow line – hence the name. The whole thing also has a certain retro touch – after all, browline models were already popular in the 1950s – which is often reinforced by the choice of materials:

Woman with browliner
Browliner glasses for a retro lookPhoto: Getty Images

Browline glasses are available in various shapes and colors, so in principle it suits everyone, as long as the right browline model is chosen. When buying, it is important to note that the thicker the upper frame, the more severe the look of the glasses. The statement frames look best on women with soft facial features. For women with an angular face, it’s better to go for models with a more discreet or lighter browline frame. And: The flatter the face, the larger the glasses should be.