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The coolest baseball caps for women – 5 trends

Winter is not the end of the headwear trend! In spring we swap wool hats for caps and now we don’t just wear them on bad hair days, but to pretty much every look and occasion. Tikbow shows which baseball caps are just right for women now and which hairstyles go best with them.

The style potential of baseball caps has long been recognized in men’s fashion, but for women the sporty headgear has been more of a shadow. Now, however, fashionistas are wearing baseball caps in all colors and designs up and down. Most of them are designer pieces, such as the simple nylon model by Prada, which costs a hefty 320 euros! We have therefore looked around in the online stores of the big brands and picked out cheaper trend caps, from pastel to gaudy everything is included.

5 cool baseball caps for women

Logo baseball caps for women

The classics among the caps are probably indisputably the embroidered New Era "NY Yankees"-Caps. The sporty headgear is available in various colors ranging from simple black and white to baby blue. Our favorite for spring: the New Era cap in pastel pink!

Pastel New Era cap
Pastel New Era cap ca. 22 euros at Zalando

Basecaps with lettering

Fashion chain H&M follows the same line with this sporty cap model, but uses lettering instead of a logo:

White basecap with lettering
New York cap from H&M (approx. 8 euros)

Nylon look baseball caps

If you are looking for a nice but cheaper alternative to the nylon Prada cap, you should get this Calvin Klein model. It also has a black and glossy look and an embroidered logo on the front, but at just under 25 euros it costs only a fraction of the designer cap.

Black baseball cap from Calvin Klein
Plain Calvin Klein cap (approx. 25 euros in the sale at Breuninger)

Brightly colored baseball caps

In addition to logo prints, solid color designs are also high in style right now. The model from Livacasa scores not only with its look, but also with a cutout for a high ponytail. It couldn’t be more practical! But: The cap should really only be worn in conjunction with the said ponytail, otherwise the hole on the top of the head looks a bit lost.

Used look baseball caps für Frauen sind Trend

In addition to logo style and bright colors, caps that are a bit reminiscent of washed-out jeans are also in. On the one hand, this looks particularly casual, but on the other hand, it should not be combined too laxly, otherwise the trend outfit quickly becomes a lotter look.

Used look baseball cap
Used look cap from Na-kd (approx. 17 euros)

What hairstyle does woman wear under the baseball cap?

If the cap doesn’t have an extra cutout for a high ponytail, the standard cap hairstyle is the first choice: the well-known sleek look. This means that the hair is simply worn open and straight, a center parting makes sense because then the same amount of hair can be seen under the cap on both sides of the head. If you like it a bit more elegant, use a curling iron to create big waves or curls in the tips and lengths. But don’t set the wand too high, the cap will flatten any volume at the roots anyway!

Low buns or ponytails are also fun to wear with a cap. Simply tie a low ponytail or chignon at the nape of the neck, put on the cap and pull out a few strands in the front and the headgear – the undone style with cap is ready.