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The bootcut jeans are back! 5 reasons why you should try this jeans trend 2021

Attention all jeans lovers: The jeans trends for 2021 still have a lot to offer! Besides the light blue straight leg jeans and the wide cuts, another old classic has come back. If you’re older than 30, you’re probably familiar with the bootcut jean. It was a big hit in the 90s and is making its long-awaited comeback this year! This is a classic cut that flatters the figure and offers numerous styling options. Read more about this jeans trend 2021 in the article!

Bootcut jeans: a classic with a long history

Bootcut Jeans Bedeutung Schnitt eng am Oberschenkel locker an Hosenbeinen

What is actually bootcut jeans? This classic has been around for many years, with its origins in the American military. The cut was designed so that the pant legs can be comfortably pulled over military boots. Regular cut jeans like straight leg, for example, are too tight for this. The term bootcut indicates exactly that (boot stands for boot and cut for cut) and can be literally translated from English “boot cut”. The pants usually sit a little tighter on the thigh and the leg is slightly flared.

Bootcut jeans for women were very high in the 90s and early 00s. After that, however, they fell into oblivion for a few years and were rather called old-fashioned during that time. But not anymore. Because the bootcut jeans are finally back in trend in 2021!

That’s why you should try the bootcut jeans trend 2021 now

Bootcut Jeans Trend 2021 kombinieren lang cropped Stiefel

Currently, many jeans models are actually experiencing a comeback. But why exactly should you buy a pair of bootcut jeans? Here we have listed some reasons that will convince you to try exactly this cut.

1.We all need a break from skinny jeans.

wie Jeans Trend 2021 Bootcut tragen mit Hemd und Leopardenmuster-Pumps

While the skinny jean has a nice cut, it may never go completely out of style. And don’t get us wrong – like love skinny jeans. But let’s face it, we already need a change, a break from wearing the same thing over and over again, because the tight-fitting jeans models have enjoyed enormous popularity for years. But whether they fit every woman well is debatable. If you also want to break the monotony of skinny jeans, then you need bootcut pants.

2. a cool fashion trend

dunkelblaue Bootcut Jeans mit schwarzer Bluse und Sandaletten kombinieren

Bootcut jeans are one of the hottest pants for this year and who doesn’t want to be called fashionable and trendy? Of course, there are many fashion trends that can be a bit intimidating for someone who is not too interested in fashion. But you simply can’t go wrong with the bootcut fit. If in doubt, just check out our styling tips.

3. suitable for most body types and age groups.

Bootcut Jeans 2021 mit Kaschmir Pullover und Sock Stiefel kombinieren

If you style the bootcut jeans right, they will fit any body type and age. It is tight around the hips but has a flared leg. So regardless of whether you have curves or not, these pants can flatter your figure perfectly. However, make sure you choose a high or medium waistband to avoid belly rolls over the pants if there are any.

4. they make you look taller

Bootcut Jeans wie die Promis tragen Leopardenmuster-Pumps weißes T-Shirt Blazer

Did you know. While it may not matter much to the lucky tall girls, the not-so-tall women are certainly very happy about it. With a pair of bootcut jeans, they can give the illusion of height without wearing their highest heels. Isn’t that great?

5. retro vibes

Cindy Crawford trägt blaue Bootcut Jeans mit weißem Pullover

Last but not least, perhaps nothing can be more retro than bootcut jeans. And as you may already know, retro is the new modern. Yearning for the years gone by is very much in vogue right now, and not just in the fashion world. Pair your bootcut pants with a shirt or sweater and use a belt as an accent to get right into the retro mood.

Special case flared pants

Stiefelschnitt Hose stylen Hemd mit Schlagärmeln braune Pumps

Is the bootcut jean synonymous with flare jeans? Not really, but both cuts do have a lot in common. Both jeans models are a cut that gets a little wider at the pant leg. Unlike the bootcut, the hem of the flare jeans (or still called flared jeans) is slightly wider. Flared jeans are another fashion trend from the past that was everywhere, especially in the 70s.

A few looks to style up

Bootcut Jeans Frauen Trend 2021 Styling Möglichkeiten und Tipps

Have a pair of bootcut jeans in your closet but don’t know how to combine them? Denim pants with a slightly flared leg look wonderful in combination with tight tops. Wide, long-cut tops, on the other hand, can compress your figure and should be avoided. So rather choose a short cut top or tuck the hem of the top into the waistband of the pants. In this case, a pretty belt is also part of the look.

blaue Bootcut Jeans mit gestreifter Bluse und Ballerinas mit Fesselband stylen

As for the right shoes, you’d better wear heels. Whether ankle boots, sandals or pumps – you are spoiled for choice. Sock boots, which are trendy right now, are an excellent choice, for example. Ballerinas, sneakers and loafers may only be worn together with bootcut jeans if you are tall or wear the pants in a cropped version.

Inspiration from the catwalk – combine bootcut jeans with Valentino shoes.

Bootcut Jeans Trend 2021 Laufsteg Look Valentino

Celebrity ladies like Alexa Chung also love the 90s trend

Alexa Chung liebt Bootcut Jeans Styling Idee mit Blazer und Loafer

Wear bootcut jeans trend 2021 in combination with ankle boots, denim shirt and trench coat

Jeans Trend 2021 Bootcut Hose mit Stiefeletten Jeanshemd und Trenchcoat

One pair of pants – three styling variations

eine Bootcut Jeans drei Styling Varianten

Bootcut and sneakers? Only when the woman is tall

Jeans Trend 2021 Bootcut Jeans mit Sneaker kombinieren