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The best tips to find the perfect bikini

The trip to the sea is imminent, but the right beach outfit is still missing in your luggage? Then go for it! Tikbow explains how to make your bikini purchase a success – and which things you should better avoid when shopping.

Look for the right bikini in time

You are going on vacation tomorrow and need to buy the perfect bikini today? Difficult, because womöglich is not enough to go to a store to find the right part. Better plan enough advance so that the shopping tour does not become an ordeal.

Looking for a bikini in a good mood

Buying a bikini can quickly become an emotional roller coaster if you are in a hurry or in a bad mood. So it’s better to go shopping on a day when you feel comfortable in your skin, otherwise you’ll be imagining problem areas in the changing room where there aren’t any and end up not buying what you really like!

Pay attention to quality when buying a bikini

The less you wear on your body, the higher quality it should be. Instead of fashionable chic and a supposed bargain price, pay attention to quality, i.e. good workmanship, high-quality materials and a well-fitting cut. This can have its price, but is worth it in any case!

Try out different sizes

You wear size 40, so you only try on size 40? Better not! Depending on the manufacturer, sizes can vary quite a bit. So it’s best to take each bikini to the dressing room in different fits from the start and try on the larger model first. If it fits, great! Is there still air? Then the smaller model! In any case, don’t be put off by the numbers on the label.

And please do not forget: The fabric of swimwear (usually Lycra) expands in the water. So when dry, pants and tops should not be too loose, but rather a little tighter.

Orientate yourself to your underwear

Panties, triangle shorts, top with or without bumpers? You have probably already found out which cuts you feel most comfortable in based on your underwear. So if you like wearing panties in everyday life or a Bügel bra, it’s smart to stick with it for swimwear too.

Dare to buy a bikini

Sure, a black bikini is always okay, but don’t get hung up on it! Often colorful and modern styles are at least as flattering for complexion and figure. So feel free to go for fancy print styles – whatever you like and feel comfortable in is allowed!

Be open to alternatives

This much in advance: Never let anyone tell you that you can’t wear a bikini! But if you still feel uncomfortable in the two-piece, look around for alternatives. There are now quite stylish swimsuits that are in no way inferior to the two-piece swimwear! And: If the one-piece suits fit really well, they can also take away one or two insecurities in no time.

Listen to your gut feeling

It looks extremely good on you – at least that’s what the saleswoman said –, but you can’t imagine spending the day in it? In this case, you should trust your gut feeling and not the supposed expertise of the consultant. If you already realize that the part is not ideal, it will stay in the suitcase for the vacation. Guaranteed.

Buy more than just a bikini

Once you’ve found the perfect bikini or swimsuit, it’s worth taking two models home with you. Then you can relax and enjoy the next summer, including a beach vacation.