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That’s why Athflow fashion trend 2021 fits perfectly into our time!

The year 2020 has shaken up our lives and also the way we dress. Staying home and dressing like we do in the office is uncomfortable, but spending the day in pajamas or sweatpants isn’t the best either, especially when business video calls are coming up. Not to mention, we’ve gotten so used to wearing household clothes that it feels weird to dress normally to go out. That’s why we’ve been asking ourselves “and how do I dress now?” at least once a day since the pandemic began. Luckily, there is a solution and it’s the new fashion trend of 2021: Athflow.

What is AthFlow?

athflow outfit kuschelig elegant

AthFlow is a mix of athleisure and flow. Technically, it’s a mix of athleisure wear (i.e. athletic wear) and “flowy” loungewear. Ath-flow. Just what we need to work comfortably at home while looking professional even on a last minute call from the boss. So cozy. So soft. After all, we all feel the need to snuggle up in a warm hug.

athflow outfit in beige und weiss fürs homeoffice

Think of AthFlow as loungewear, but chicer and more stylish. Pinterest describes AthFlow as “athleisure meets elegance.” Athflow clothing includes cozy fabrics and comfortable fits, but also silhouettes and styles that are chic enough to wear to the office, for going out, or just as a trendy and fashionable casual outfit.

athflow modetrend wollrock wollhose mit perlen

Here’s the definition given by Pinterest’s trend report: “professional enough for the office, stretchy enough for the yoga mat and comfortable enough for the sofa.” The popular image search engine was the first to recognize athflow as an emerging trend in the fashion category with great potential, following a colossal increase in Internet searches such as “working from home outfits,” “loungewear” and “oversized outfits.”

modetrends januar 2021 athflow

This new trend is born from the need to find the right balance between relaxed and elegant. Comfortable enough for an afternoon on the couch, yet handsome enough for a meeting with colleagues. Effortless, relaxed, glamorous.

What’s the difference between AthFlow and Athleisure?

kuscheliges outfit in beige mit weißen sneaker

Athleisure is a type of hybrid sportswear that can be worn to workout at the gym as well as for other occasions. Athleisure is sportswear that is comfortable yet fashionable. The best examples of Athleisure are yoga pants, leggings, and sneakers.

modetrend 2021 frauen casual elegant leggings mit sakko

AthFlow differs from Athleisure in that it has less to do with gym and sportswear. Instead, AthFlow clothing is more about flowing and oversized silhouettes that are comfortable and lightweight, yet stylish and fashionable.

How are designers implementing the trend?

weiße weite hose und brauner pullover mit karo mantel

Retailers are definitely on board with the new Athflow trend, offering increasingly sophisticated loungewear garments and more relaxed versions of workwear pieces. Sweatshirts with details like mockneck or boatneck necklines, puffed sleeves and modern quilted patterns, wide-leg pants in soft fabrics like cashmere – these are the new, effortlessly wearable pieces designers want to showcase. Forget the old sweatshirts with logo you know. Now there are plenty of sleeker versions to snuggle up in!

Dior Hoodie und Rock in schwarz weiß

Even the big names in the fashion world are embracing this hybrid aesthetic of casual business attire. Case in point: Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons’ S/S 21 co-debut of extra-long hoodies and voluminous skirts, paired with pointy kitten heels (photo above).

xxl satinhose in braun mit hohem bund und pullover

American plus-size retailer 11 Honoré also recently launched an “Athluxury” collection. Danielle Williams-Eke, the design director, describes them as “pieces that can be worn comfortably throughout the day, yet are chic, stylish and fit well.”

How to wear the AthFlow fashion trend?

modetrend herbst winter 2021

AthFlow outfits feature soft lines and oversized silhouettes. Neutral colors dominate, but a splash of monochrome color is welcome. Good examples of AthFlow outfits are wide leg pants and oversized tops, as well as cotton jumpsuits or other soft fabrics that you can move easily in. Sweatpants with a cable knit cashmere sweater? Why not?

modetrend 2021 frauen athflow outfits

The best athflow pieces for your closet:

  • High-quality, cozy knitwear.
  • Oversized and baggy pants
  • Wide leg cashmere pants
  • Cargo pants
  • Flared and high waisted pants
  • satin t-shirts
  • soft silk shirts
  • turtlenecks
  • casual sweatshirts and hoodies
  • cardigans made of feel-good wool
  • long jackets and parkas
  • ribbed knit dresses

athflow outfit mit pullover

One rule you should always follow when wearing flowy and oversized pieces is to balance the proportions. If you are wearing an oversized top, opt for figure-hugging pants or leggings. Pair a fitted top with wide-leg, flowy pants. Wear your loose-fitting jackets and sweaters over a figure-hugging tank top or dress. To achieve the athflow look, say goodbye to jeans and high heels. Besides slippers, sneakers and ankle boots are the most comfortable.

Lambskin bags are also a new, cozy trend

athflow outfit in ecru und lammfelltasche modetrend 2021

This is how Victoria Secret angel Elsa Hosk wears the Athflow trend

elsa hosk mit athflow outfit

Pleated pants are making a comeback in our closets

herbst winter outfit in grau weiss und beige

An all-over white look makes for a stylish appearance

ganz in weiß outfit mit jogginghose und mantel

Comfortable athflow look for a stroll around town

jogginghose und oberteil in beige mit mantel

Splashes of color in calm colors are allowed

modetrend herbst winter 2021 frauen

Cool outfit ideas in the Pantone colors 2021 – gray and yellow

modetrend 2021 athflow kombinationen in gelb und grau