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Tennis socks as a fashion trend 2022: Discover the diverse range of styles and models.

For a long time, socks were just something you covered your feet with. Possibly black or white, probably ankle high and definitely an afterthought. Today, however, socks are at least an important part of your wardrobe and the foundation of an outfit. This season, tennis socks have become just that. They are also a feature of a casual and cool look. Maybe you want to know how to wear tennis socks in spring, what tennis socks are fashionable or you would like to get outfit ideas and styling tips? Socks are a quick way to make your closet more versatile. Enjoy tennis socks as a fashion trend for 2022!

Tennis socks fashionable again: how to combine them?

Tennis socks as a fashion trend 2022 - an important part of the outfit.

Whether you wear tennis socks with jeans or with a short skirt, with shorts or with a long skirt or even with a dress, they are so casual that they go perfectly with any outfit. Wearing tennis socks with sandals is now a mainstream trend.

What materials for tennis socks?

Tennis socks as a fashion trend 2022 made of cotton.

Cotton socks may have been the first choice in the past because cotton is inexpensive and absorbent, but it retains moisture and doesn’t hold its shape, so the socks are soggy.

Today, synthetic fibers keep moisture away from socks and offer better breathability. They also retain their shape, so they fit the feet better and don’t wrinkle like cotton. Nylon is basically the opposite of cotton. It’s very breathable and very durable. But it’s not exactly the softest material – which is why it’s often used in material blends rather than on its own.

Elastic socks are light and easy to put on

Elastane adds elasticity to the socks and makes them more stretchy. A higher percentage of elastane also makes the sock easier to put on.
Acrylic is an incredibly comfortable material to wear. However, it is not particularly durable and does not wick sweat very well when used in small amounts. Acrylic is used for extra thick socks.

Tennis socks styles: what to consider?

Low-cut socks are elegant and light

Every person is different. If you want to buy tennis socks, you should pay attention to the style, material and features of each model.

The crew: the most famous style in tennis socks as a fashion trend 2022

Tennis socks as a fashion trend 2022 - crew style

These are the standard tennis socks. They usually end 6 to 8 inches above the shoe line. They are suitable for cool temperatures. Because of the longer coverage, your ankles and shins are protected from dust and dirt.

The Quarter/Mini Crew

Retro socks conquer the scene again

These socks cover the ankle. They are ideal for people who are prone to heel blisters. This model is a compromise if you need coverage but don’t want as much compression on the lower calf.

Why wear high tennis socks?

Tennis socks as a fashion trend 2022 - an important part of the outfit.

You look prettier, your legs also look visually longer when you wear a pair of high socks. High socks are more comfortable and they are a great way to soak up sweat when you are doing intense exercise.

Tennis socks as a fashion trend 2022 for women

Tennis socks as a fashion trend 2022 - outfit ideas.

With the return of miniskirts, minishorts and minidresses, the fashion of 2022 rediscovers the pleasure of showing legs that are no longer naked and uncovered, but wrapped, outlined and redesigned by socks rich in details, finishes and block colors.

Colorful tennis socks for spring 2022.

An accessory that makes a comeback to the season, conquers the scene and becomes a characteristic element for very different styles and outfits – the use of women’s socks combines all this.

Women's socks as a trend for spring 2022

The demonstration of this new golden age for socks in winter-spring 2022 reaches its peak with a new entry: vintage logo socks. Along with dotted socks and socks with floral embroidery, we find socks with unique graphics and textures that just encode the logomania trend in the socks of the season. A trend that should be short-lived for most, but has become a must-have in the world of socks. Socks are being paired with sandals, sabots, slingbacks and wedges, quite fitting for the Spring 2022 season.

Tennis socks as a fashion trend 2022 for men

Tennis socks trends for men

White, sporty socks are back in style: short and light, heavy and thick, or with colored stripes, solid or ribbed. But how should they be worn? With shorts, tracksuits, but also with more formal outfits – let’s discover the most popular combinations!

Retro style for tennis socks is fashionable again

Retro tennis socks in the typical style of the nineties are fashionable again. Socks easily combine with a casual chic shirt, a pair of sneakers and bike shorts. Some aren’t afraid to wear them with flip flops! Perfect with a sporty sweater, ideal with jeans and a t-shirt – tennis socks have a permanent place in the sock drawer.

The classic style for tennis socks always remains popular

The alternative: low-cut/no-show style

Low-cut socks for spring

Not only the tennis sock is in trend, socks in all shapes and colors are fashionable. Therefore, for the summer, the low-cut models or other thin socks are suitable as an alternative. These socks are either not visible at all from the outside or they peek out only slightly from the shoes. They are best when you are outside in high temperatures or just want to keep your ankles and legs cool.

A common problem with these socks is that they slip and bunch up. However, there are now socks made from synthetic materials that offer better compression and durability. They are designed to fit the foot better. Many low-cut and non-visible socks now also have tabs to protect the Achilles heel from friction.