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T-shirt discolored? 8 tips to remove deodorant stains

Especially on white T-shirts, deodorants often leave yellowish stains that don’t come out even when washed in hot water. Tikbow reveals eight simple tips and the best home remedies to get your shirts really clean again.

Anyone who likes to wear white T-shirts knows the problem: after just a short time, yellow stains appear in the armpit area, which even a 60-degree wash can’t harm. The discoloration comes primarily from deodorants containing aluminum, whose salts leave dark traces when combined with perspiration. This looks unsightly, but with a few simple tips, deodorant stains can be removed from T-shirts and shirts.

Home remedy for deodorant stains

Lemon acid

Lemon acid can be bought in any drugstore or supermarket and helps to remove deodorant stains. Add two to three tablespoons to a liter of warm water and treat white clothes with it. Simply soak the T-shirt or shirts overnight, then wash as normal.

Curd soap

Der Klassiker unter den Reinigungsmitteln eignet sich auch zur gezielten – und preisgünstigen – Fleckenbekämpfung: Feuchten Sie die Deoflecken mit etwas Wasser an, schäumen Sie die Curd soap auf und reiben Sie über den Fleck wie mit einem Radiergummi. Dann ab in die Waschmaschine damit.

Denture cleaner

Diese Geheimwaffe klingt etwas ungewöhnlich, ist aber supereffektiv: Denture cleaner enthält Bleichmittel und lässt unschöne Stellen, wie Deo- oder Schweißflecken, verschwinden, indem man einige Tabletten in warmen Wasser auflöst und auf der verfärbten Stelle einwirken lässt. Nach rund fünf Minuten die Lösung abwischen und weg sind die Deoflecken.


You usually already have this remedy at home in your medicine cabinet: Grind up one or two paracetamol or aspirin tablets and mix them with a little water to make a creamy consistency. Then coat the deodorant stains with it and leave the paste to work for a maximum of half an hour so that the slightly acidic PH value of the tablets can take effect. But beware: sensitive fabrics such as silk should not be used, as the drugs can cause lasting damage to the material.


Auch dieses Hausmittel eignet sich perfekt dazu, Deoflecken zu entfernen: Geben Sie die Kleidung in ein Bad aus Vinegarwasser, das zu einem Teil aus Vinegaressenz und zu vier Teilen aus Wasser bestehen sollte. Am besten die Klamotten über Nacht einweichen lassen, danach ganz normal waschen.

Baking soda

The all-purpose weapon baking soda contains sodium carbonate or sodium bicarbonate for short, which reacts alkaline and helps remove stains. Less suitable for washing, however, is the contained flour, so the powder should be removed after a short exposure time with a normal wash cycle in the machine. This home remedy is very popular, especially among those who focus on environmentally friendly cleaning.

Do not forget to clean the washing machine

Another reason for persistent odors and discoloration in clothes despite washing can be a dirty washing machine. Bacteria and dirt accumulate in the machine especially when washing is done permanently at low temperatures. Therefore, it is recommended to perform a hot wash at 90 degrees every few months and regularly remove dirt from the lint filter. The door of the washing machine should remain open after the wash cycle, so that the machine can also dry from the inside and germs do not form.

Pay attention to ingredients when buying deodorant

If you choose a deodorant without aluminum from the outset, you can prevent unsightly deodorant stains. Because if there is no aluminum in the deodorant, it cannot react with sweat – a look at the ingredients is therefore worthwhile. There are also many natural deodorant alternatives such as sage or tea tree – these are not only gentle on the skin, but also on the environment because they are not packaged in plastic.