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Swimwear 2022: which are the best models among the seemingly endless offers?

With constant images of beach vacations on social media, it’s hard not to have 2022 swimwear at the top of your summer shopping list. And while it’s certainly a fun category to splurge on for the all-too-limited months of warm weather, it can also often be overwhelming: Scouring the seemingly endless offerings on the market for a swimsuit that’s both fashionable and comfortable and practical isn’t exactly the way you want to start your vacation. Luckily for you, we have taken care of that task. In this article, you’ll find the ideal 2022 swimwear for women.

Swimwear 2022 – Ruffles

Ruffles are especially hot summer 2022 after Gigi Hadid showed them off

Ruffles are romantic, and that’s pretty much all you need to know to decide if this swim style could be your summer look. They are a great way to accentuate your collarbones, your waistline or your desire for a summer flirt. Ruffles are especially hot this summer after Gigi Hadid showed them off. The style is reminiscent of summer days at the lake, ice cream cones from the store around the corner and rides in the back of a pickup truck.

Tankinis get a second chance in summer 2022

Tankinis get a second chance in summer 2022

We believe in second chances, and that goes for the tankini, too. The tankini revival comes in a shorter length than its original predecessor – think of it more like a crop top and less like a halved one-piece. Tankinis come in strapless, halter, and triangle varieties, to name a few, so there are plenty of options for experimentation (and, thankfully, ways to avoid unsightly tan lines).

A tankini is also a great combination swimsuit for vacations where you’ll be in and out of the pool, hotel lobby, and restaurants. Just throw on a sarong over it and you’re fully dressed!

Swimwear 2022 – Micro Glitter

If you wanted to glitter in the sun, the micro glitter bikini trend will fulfill your dreams

If you’ve always wanted to glitter in the sun, the micro glitter bikini trend will fulfill your dreams. Shiny bikinis first appeared in swimwear last summer, and this season they are sure to become a full-fledged trend. Micro glitter bikinis have a special shine that is great for vacation photos without being too over the top. It’s also fun to accessorize with jewelry and perfect for special occasions like a bachelorette party at the beach.

It's fun to complement shiny bikinis on the beach with jewelry

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Monokinis are back in fashion

Swimwear 2022 - celebrities show their preference for monokinis

Paris Hilton called to say that monokinis are back in style. Ten years ago, celebrities were already part of the monokini trend, and even today we know that Kim Kardashian has a penchant for a good one-piece with cleavage. While a monokini will leave you with some unsightly tan lines, it will also accentuate your hourglass shape and get you plenty of attention.

Monokinis are hot again in summer 2022

It may take a few tries to find the perfect neckline shape, but once you do, you’ll wear it again and again.

The halter top

Swimwear 2022 - Which are the best models.

Halter tops are the ultimate fashion for going out – so why not think the same way on the beach? A halter top shows off your collarbones and gives you extra support when you want to jump around in the waves. A great way to try out the halter trend is to cross the straps of your trusty old string bikini in front of your neck before tying them behind your neck.

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The wetsuit

Swimwear trends 2022 - wetsuits are super cool

If you’ve spent hours looking at popular surf spots, then you already know that wetsuits are super cool. There’s no reason you can’t look cute while catching (or trying to catch) a wave! Wetsuits are sleek and sporty, with long neoprene sleeves.

Swimwear outfits - wetsuits are elegant and sporty

If you want a more girly look, opt for cut-outs , floral prints or colorful details.

A textured look for swimwear 2022

Swimwear 2022 - Textured fabrics are here to spice up classic styles

Prints have definitely become less important in swimwear this season, and for good reason: they can make a garment disappear from your closet much faster than a solid color. But never fear, textured fabrics are here to spice up classic styles.

A structured swimsuit is the optimal look for the beach

Terrycloth is a popular choice for a more literal approach, while seersucker and ribbed fabrics put a more subtle but equally interesting spin on an otherwise simple bikini you’ll want to wear again and again throughout the summer.

Swim in sunset hues

Coastal landscape is a source of inspiration for the swimwear industry

It’s no surprise that the natural beauty of the coastal landscape is the swimwear industry’s first source of inspiration. Taking a cue from the sunsets, swimwear in rich shades of pigmented pink, electric orange and golden yellow is another top trend. Blame swimwear’s new obsession with pink for the dominance of this color in summer collections.

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