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Sweatpants outfit: How to style our favorites for any occasion!

“If you wear sweatpants, you’ve lost control of your life” – we’ve probably all heard this saying from fashion giant Karl Lagerfeld. But in these unusual times of the home office and social distancing, we’ve stashed our favorite pants and jeans deep in the closet and replaced them with more comfortable sweatpants and leggings. What we used to wear only for relaxing evenings on the couch has now become one of the biggest fashion trends of the season. Numerous fashionistas and fashion influencers have made the casual favorite absolutely suitable for everyday wear, showing us how versatile and stylish a sweatpants outfit can actually be. Sweatpants and style still don’t go together for you and you wouldn’t dare to go out on the street or even to the office in them? Then just keep reading, because in this article we will show you how cool and exciting sweatpants can be styled!

Combat Boots kombinieren Jogginghose Outfit Damen

Whether it’s sweatpants, joggers or sweatpants – no matter what we call the pieces, they are no longer an essential only for the gym. The comfortable pants are currently in hot demand and are among the absolute favorites of all fashionistas! However, the models no longer have anything in common with the baggy and shapeless pants of the past. Trendy colors, cuts and materials ensure that the good old sweatpants can be worn for any occasion! Whether elegant and in a style break with oversized blazers or more casual and cool with hoodie and sneakers – the leisure pants just go always and everywhere!

Sweatpants outfit: the comfortable fashion trend that all fashionistas are obsessed with

Jogginghose Outfit für Damen Modetrends Frühjahr 2021

We don’t see a sweatpants outfit only in the living room anymore, as it’s ideal for adding some variety to our everyday looks. Although the fashion potential of these comfortable pieces is still highly underestimated, casual pants are now available in every color, pattern and material imaginable, offering something for everyone! And the best part? The fashion trend is perfect for all figure types! Due to the loose fit, we can wonderfully conceal small problem areas. It is only important that you pay attention to the right size when buying – so that the pants can flatter your figure, they should sit neither too tight, nor too loose. Sweatpants with longitudinal stripes are currently the latest fashion craze and additionally ensure that our legs look visually longer.

Gigi Hadid Outfits Jogginghose kombinieren Damen

The sweatpants outfit not only convinces us with a comfortable and casual cut – the diverse models and designs allow us to create new and unusual looks again and again. However, it is important to mention that sweatpants are not all the same. Of course, the baggy and super loose pants are incredibly cozy, but for a trendy outfit, they are unfortunately not the best possible choice. Instead, choose slightly “fancier” casual pants in a looser cut. Classic colors like black, gray and white as well as soft pastel shades are especially popular.

What tops are best to combine with sweatpants?

Modetrends Frühjahr 2021 Jogginghose Outfit Damen

Depending on the occasion you want to wear the sweatpants outfit, you can style different tops with it. With a plain t-shirt or a hoodie, you have the perfect everyday look for a relaxed afternoon. If the top is a solid color, the pants can be a bit more flashy. Add a denim jacket and you have created the perfect trendy look. To accentuate your figure and so that the outfit does not look too casual, we would recommend that you tuck the top slightly into the waistband of your pants.

Winter Business Outfit Damen Jogginghose kombinieren

However, it looks much more exciting if you combine it with an elegant top like a shiny shirt or a feminine blouse. The contrast with the loose trouser cut makes for a cool style break that really catches the eye. Or how about combining two fashion trends at once and opting for an oversized outfit? XXL blazers are very much in vogue this season and are the perfect complement to a smart-casual look. Your favorite sneakers and a small handbag will add a modern touch to your styling and complete the ensemble perfectly.

What shoes are appropriate for a sweatpants outfit?

Jogginghose Outfit Oversize Blazer kombinieren

The occasion also plays an important role for the shoe choice of your sweatpants outfit. Whether casual and sporty or chic and elegant – actually everything is allowed that you like. This may seem a bit strange at first glance, but high heels are actually the perfect combination partner to sweatpants! This will make your figure look visually slimmer and your legs a little longer! Admittedly, the combination takes a little getting used to, but trust us – if you dare just once, you won’t regret it! Or start slow for now and reach for your new mules or combat boots for a chic yet comfortable look.

Can you wear a sweatpants outfit to the office?

Jogginghose Outfit Damen Oversized Blazer kombinieren

Black pants, a blouse and a monochrome blazer – you’re already getting tired of wearing the same boring business outfits over and over again? If the dress code allows it, a sweatpants outfit would also be a real eye-catcher in the office! However, be a little careful here, because loose doesn’t mean worn out! Our clothes should also look neat for a sporty yet comfortable look. Therefore, it’s best to reach for a pair of shiny casual pants in black or gray and combine them with an elegant blouse that you tuck into the front of the waistband. Chic high heels and a classy leather bag enhance the look and give it the final touch. A blazer makes the outfit suitable for business in no time and ensures that you look serious and are comfortable at the same time. Finally, add subtle earrings and a necklace and your sweatpants outfit for the office is ready!

Combine sweatpants: The most beautiful looks for re-styling at a glance!

womite Jogginghose kombinieren Modetrends Frühjahr 2021

With a pastel-colored trench coat and color-matching shoes, the sweatpants become a real eye-catcher

Trenchcoat kombinieren Jogginghose Outfit Damen

To stay warm while looking stylish, pair a wool coat with sweatpants

Schuhtrends Frühjahr 2021 Jogginghose kombinieren für das Büro

Take a style note from fashion influencers and complement your sweatpants outfit with an oversized blazer

Oversized Outfit Damen Jogginghose kombinieren für das Büro

The monochrome look is still going strong and looks incredibly dapper and chic

Jogginghose Outfit für das Büro Modetrends Frühjahr 2021

White combat boots will add a rocking touch to your styling

Jogginghose Outfit Damen weiße Stiefel kombinieren

Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and materials to create a unique sweatpants outfit

Jogginghose Outfit Damen Athleisure Modetrend Tipps

A short coat is all you need to make these comfy favorites suitable for everyday wear

Jogginghose kombinieren Damen Gigi Hadid Outfits

To achieve a nice casual look, wear a trench coat or a long wool coat with them

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