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Survey reveals: From this age women should no longer wear skinny jeans

There are a surprising number of activities that you can’t do until you reach a certain age, such as driving a car or booking a hotel room. On the other hand, apparently you can also get too old to do certain things. This includes a very common habit: wearing jeans. A survey among Britons has gone one step further and determined the age at which women are said to be too old for one particular model – namely skinny jeans.

At what age are skinny jeans a no-go?

From what age too old for skinny jeans

Is there a certain age at which women should stop wearing their skinny jeans? According to the market researchers of a British pension plan, apparently yes. “Retire Savvy” asked 2,000 Brits for their opinion on the age at which women should no longer wear bikinis, high heels, miniskirts, etc. . The study participants were also asked at what age women would be too old to put on skinny jeans. And although the “study” can not offer scientific recognition, it reflects the social opinion about fashion for older women.

The result says: from 47, women should say goodbye to their skinny jeans. However, one out of two women also believes that a woman who is slim, healthy and attractive into her fifties and sixties “can get away with anything.”

Our opinion: you don’t have to abide by what others tell you to do. At least not when it comes to your appearance. If you like to wear skinny jeans, that’s fine at any age as long as you feel comfortable in them.

Is there an age limit for denim as a whole?

Wear skinny jeans combined with boots at any age

Another study conducted by the company “CollectPlus” says that women over 53 should not even wear jeans. However, this is not because you are committing a fashion faux pas. In truth, at this age it simply becomes more difficult to find a suitable model.

Unfortunately, the numbers don’t bode well for denim fans. One in 10 respondents over the age of 50 said they tried on as many as six styles before finding the perfect pair, according to researchers. The study also found that most women aged 53 experience the highest levels of stress when shopping for jeans. So, to avoid getting stressed out while searching for jeans, it’s better for women aged 53 and older to stop wearing jeans.

You’re never too old for jeans!

From what age not to wear skinny jeans

We think you can wear jeans at any age as long as you feel comfortable in them. And that goes for skinny jeans, too. Although they evoke different opinions, skinny jeans are still in. And like other supposed fashion no-nos, they shouldn’t be banned at any age if the garment fits your body, lifestyle and personality.

The fact is, a narrow leg is less of a problem as you age than the wrong waistband height. Depending on your body shape, there is a right fit for you:

  • High Waist Jeans: used to be called “mom jeans” but are considered particularly stylish. Ideal if this look shows off a flat tummy, and even better if you can tuck in a shirt. If you want to use them to conceal your middle, you should go for jeans with a lower waistband.
  • Mid-rise jeans: good for most women, as they provide some coverage and give for our increasingly problematic midsection. However, if your belly swells over the waistband, this is not the pair for you. Look for a pair with a slightly lower or higher waistband – or made of a stretchy fabric.
  • Low-rise jeans: these styles are reminiscent of Britney Spears in the 2000s. Unfortunately, this doesn’t look good at any age, but especially after 50.