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Sunglasses trends 2022 for women: These models are totally hot in the summer and a must for all fashionistas!

Beautiful weather, warm rays of sunshine and lots of fun outdoors with our loved ones – summer is simply the most beautiful season! But besides good mood and rising temperatures, the summer months also bring numerous fashion trends that are waiting to enter our closets. Whether airy dresses, blouses or chic sandals – fashion-wise it will definitely not be boring this season. Okay, but what accessory should not be missing in any handbag in the summer? Sunglasses, of course! It is clear to us that these must be functional in the first place and protect our eyes from UV rays. Apart from the quality, however, the appearance also plays an important role and the selection of designs and models is now really huge. Ready for a little outfit update? Then you’ve come to the right place! Below, we present the biggest sunglasses trends for 2022 that you should definitely know about!

Sunglasses trends 2022: Bright colors

Sunglasses Trends 2022 Women Billie Eilish Hairstyles

If you’re interested in the latest fashion trends 2022, then you’ve definitely noticed it already. Bright colors are more in vogue this summer than ever before and it’s hard to imagine our closets without them. In terms of fashion, we have become much more experimental in recent months and of course the fashion designers have immediately recognized this. Whether dresses, skirts, blouses or shoes – the shriller and gaudier, the better! Also with the sunglasses trends 2022 for women we will make great fashion statements with strong tones.

Colored glasses fashion trend sunglasses trends 2022 women

Would you also like to always see the world through rose-colored glasses? With the latest eyewear trends 2022 this is actually possible! The most popular trend colors include orange, pink, green, sky blue and the color of the year Veri Peri. Whether colorful lenses or frames does not matter – the main thing is colorful! The absolute favorite of all fashionistas are sunglasses with frames and lenses in two contrasting colors. These chic accessories are definitely eye-catchers and add a colorful and playful touch to even the simplest outfit.

Neon pink sunglasses trends 2022 ladies which glasses shape suits me

What color sunglasses suits me? We have all asked ourselves this question at least once. And how often have you opted for the classics in black out of insecurity? But that’s finally over now! There is the perfect colored glasses for absolutely every skin type. Blondes, redheads, and women with lighter skin look gorgeous in soft pinks, sky blues, and soft greens like mint. Brunettes, on the other hand, are really lucky because they can wear absolutely any color they feel like.

70s sunglasses are in trend

sunglasses trends 2022 ladies 70s accessories

Breezy bell-bottoms, long skirts, floral patterns and playful prints – 70s fashion is anything but boring and is experiencing a great revival this summer. Fortunately, this is not only true for our outfits, but also for the 2022 sunglasses trends for women. Oversized glasses in XXL look are currently conquering the fashion world and have become the absolute trend accessory of the hour.

70s fashion for women sunglasses trends 2022 ladies

The absolute trademark of retro sunglasses are the oversized and oval lenses. However, this year the classic has received a modern upgrade and the variety of designs and colors is really huge. The motto here is: the bigger, the better! The opulent models are a real eye-catcher in themselves and exude a timeless luxury and elegance.

Sunglasses with white frame as an eyewear trend 2022

retro sunglasses women accessories trends 2022 ladies

Gaudy colors are too flashy for you? Even for those of you who like it rather simple, the sunglasses trends 2022 have something to offer. Nice and casual, airy and simply timeless – white is THE summer color par excellence! White sunglasses as a fashion trend are a great change from the classic models in black and still look super classy and elegant.

sunglasses trends 2022 ladies 90s accessories trends

As for the shape of the glasses, absolutely everything is possible. Whether round, square, large or narrow – white sunglasses are available this year in every conceivable design, so there is guaranteed to be a suitable model for every taste and every face shape. The biggest advantage of these trendy accessories? They can be worn super versatile for any occasion and give our summer looks a very special and refreshing touch. Especially on lightly tanned skin, the white frames come into their own wonderfully and set your complexion perfectly in scene.

Rectangular sunglasses for a retro touch

square sunglasses trends 2022 ladies which glasses suits me

Rectangular sunglasses were already totally in last year and are also one of the coolest sunglasses trends 2022 for women this summer. Dark, narrow models in a square shape are among the absolute must-haves of the season and provide cool retro vibes.

square sunglasses women glasses trends 2022 ladies

Since rectangular sunglasses visually make the face look narrower and provide more contour, they are best suited for women with a round face shape. The variety of designs and variations is also huge this summer and you can choose between narrow or wider models. But no matter which shape you choose, one thing is certain: square sunglasses are on trend and cut a really great figure with absolutely any summer outfit.

Fashion trend 2022: Sunglasses in 2000s look

Sunglasses Trends 2022 Ladies Y2K Fashion Trends Summer

Retro is in! When it comes to women’s sunglasses trends 2022, we notice a huge influence from the 90s and 00s in every imaginable way. Channel your inner Britney Spears and get your old sunglasses out of the basement, because 2000s look sunglasses are THE fashion trend 2022 par excellence. The flashy and cool Y2K style is presentable again this year and gives a feeling of nostalgia.

90s fashion trends sunglasses trends 2022 ladies

Lenses and frames in tinted shades and fine rhinestone decorations make the sunglasses in the 2000s look a real eye-catcher and give the look a cool retro touch. Especially popular this summer are sunglasses with colored lenses and without frames.  The best way to wear these chic accessories is with other retro pieces, such as baggy jeans, crop tops and chunky sandals.

Sunglasses with embellishments

Statement sunglasses for women accessories trends 2022 ladies

Do you love to experiment fashion-wise and attract attention with your outfits? Then you will really love this 2022 sunglasses trend. Eye-catching details, patterns, extravagant shapes and lots of embellishments – statement sunglasses are a real eye-catcher and immediately catch the eye.

Statement sunglasses ladies accessories trends summer 2022

Which shape of glasses you choose is purely a matter of taste. Whether small, narrow, round or square does not matter – the main thing with ornaments! The chic accessories are a great way to give even the simplest outfit an interesting and modern touch.

what shape of glasses suits me sunglasses trends 2022 ladies