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Summer outfit for chubby women: 20+ of the most beautiful looks and plus size styling tips!

Summer is in full swing and the beautiful weather always makes a good mood. But unfortunately, the high temperatures cause many of us frustration in the closet. Because let’s face it – there’s always something we’d like to change about our bodies. It doesn’t matter if we’re size XS or L – the summer months are all about breezy and comfortable looks. Although we can wear anything we want, many curvy women let it restrict what you can and can’t wear. However, being chubby doesn’t mean you have to hide your curves under baggy clothes. With a few more kilos on your hips, you can’t wear stylish looks? Well, we don’t think so! With a few simple styling tips, you can quickly put together a chic summer outfit for chubby women and thus put your figure in the best possible light. How to do that, we reveal to you in the following!

Summer outfit for chubby women: Figure-flattering dresses

Sommer Outfit Damen Plus Size Sommerkleider kräftige Beine

Before we continue with the summer outfits for chubby women, we want to make one thing clear. You can really wear anything you want and it is important that you feel comfortable in your clothes. Try not to take the styling rules and tips too seriously, but rather as inspiration. Breezy and light dresses are a favorite for the hot season and there are many great dress cuts that are especially flattering to your figure and curves. Off-the-shoulder dresses are all the rage this year and also create a nice balance to thicker thighs.

Sommer Outfit dicke Waden Kleider für mollige Frauen

Especially if you want to conceal the belly with your summer outfit, you are always in the best place with dresses in A-line. The cut sits a little narrower at the top and then the skirt part falls rather airy and swinging. The models cleverly play around wide hips and draw the eye to your waist. V-necks also put the focus on the upper body and are therefore particularly advantageous for a plus size summer outfit. And as far as colors are concerned, anything goes, really. As you know, black dresses always make us look a few kilos slimmer. But since the color is rather inappropriate for the summer months, feel free to go for airy dresses in bright and radiant shades.

Kleider für kurvige Frauen Sommer Outfit Damen Plus Size

They are not only super hip, but also extremely flattering and suit absolutely every woman – wrap dresses. The overlapping front parts create a really stylish V-neckline, which visually stretches the shoulder area and at the same time conceals the belly and strong legs. The gently falling fabric plays around the hips and creates the illusion of a feminine and beautiful hourglass silhouette.

Plus Size Fashion: Which pants for curvy women?

Hosen für dicke Oberschenkeln Sommer Outfit für kurvige Frauen

Pants can also be used to conjure up really great summer outfits for chubby women! To flatter your figure, you should make sure that the pants are neither too tight nor too wide cut. Waist-high models, such as Marlene pants and culottes visually lengthen the legs and are really comfortable. It is best to wear a narrow top with them. If you feel uncomfortable in it, then just put a denim jacket or a vest over it.

Summer outfit plus size: jeans for chubby women

Sommer Outfit sportlich elegant Plus Size Jeans für mollige Frauen

Curvy women can only wear dresses and skirts in the summer? Far from it! Denim is a timeless classic and with the right denim pants, you’ll have the ultimate plus size summer outfit in no time! While there used to be jeans pants for plus sizes exclusively in the carrot cut, things are fortunately different today. However, there is not THE perfect jeans that every woman can wear. After all, every woman has an individual figure. For a casual summer outfit for thick calves and strong thighs, it is best to reach for the trendy boyfriend jeans. The loose cut flatters your curves and in combination with chic high heels makes your legs appear visually longer.

welche Jeans bei kräftigen Beinen Sommer Outfit Plus Size

You want to conceal the belly with your summer outfit? Then you would be well advised with jeans with a high waistband! And here comes the surprise – chubby women can actually wear skinny jeans! The figure-hugging and tight fit is ideal to skillfully showcase your feminine curves. For a comfortable fit, it’s best to go for models with a high elastane content. The color of the jeans is also extremely important to achieve the desired slimming effect. Jeans in black, dark blue or gray would be the best possible choice. Whether casual with a T-shirt and sneakers or more elegant with blouses and high heels – a summer outfit for women in plus size with jeans just always goes!

Midi skirts for an elegant summer outfit for chubby women

Sommer Outfit für mollige Frauen Plus Size Mode Tipps

Skirts are the ideal garment for every season and with the right cut we can cleverly conceal different problem areas and emphasize others. Especially midi skirts in A-shape are ideal to conjure away unloved curves in an instant. However, you should rather do without pleated or pleated skirts, as these tend to cheat a few kilos on top. To make the waist look narrower, it’s best to go for midi skirts that end just below the knee. It is best to combine this with a slim top and nice high heels.

welche Röcke bei kräftigen Beinen Sommer Outfit Bauch kaschieren

Maxi skirts are pure vacation feeling and also ideal to conceal problem areas such as hips, thighs and belly. In combination with figure-hugging tops or a denim blouse, the floor-length skirts look just great. Since small women tend to sink in them, maxi skirts are only suitable for tall women. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise: bold patterns and prints look great on any body and add a refreshing and modern touch to your plus size summer outfit!

Sommer Outfit Curvy Midiröcke für mollige Frauen

Are you proud of your curves and want to show them off? Then go ahead and dare to put on an elegant and super tight pencil skirt! Depending on the color and pattern, you can put together a suitable summer outfit for curvy women for work or leisure, but also for festive occasions.

Röcke för kurvige Frauen Sommer Outfit Curvy

Just because you don’t have a size S doesn’t mean you can’t wear crop tops. Even plump women are allowed to show a little more skin. When it comes to your personal style, you just need to follow the rules that you know work for you. Forget about all the trends and fashion prohibitions and just wear what you like!

Summer outfit for chubby women: The most beautiful looks to style

Plus Size Mode für Frauen Sommer Outfit curvy

Black dresses are best for an elegant summer outfit for plus size women

Kleider Outfits für mollige Frauen Plus Size Mode Tipps

Casual mom jeans make your legs look visually slimmer

Jeans für kurvige Frauen Sommer Outfit Plus Size

Comfortable and stylish: jeans shorts for strong legs

Shorts bei dicken Oberschenkeln Sommer Outfit kräftige Beine

A-line dresses are a real all-rounder and figure flatterer

Sommer Outfit Bauch kaschieren Kleider für Damen mit kräftigen Beinen

High heels conjure up visually longer and slimmer legs and round off your outfit perfectly

Shorts für dicke Oberschenkeln Sommer Outfit für mollige Frauen

A long top covers the bottom and gives the look a playful touch

Sommer Outfit Bauch kaschieren Plus Size Mode Tipps

Wear a tight denim dress and skillfully showcase your curves

Sommer Outfit Curvy Sommerkleider für mollige Frauen

Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and fabrics

Sommer Outfit Damen Plus Size welche Röcke bei kräftigen Beinen

Wrap dresses for an elegant summer outfit for chubby women

Sommer Outfit für mollige Frauen Wickelkleider Plus Size Mode

V-neck mini dresses are in trend and fit for any occasion

Sommer Outfit sportlich elegant Kleider für mollige Frauen

Well-fitting skinny jeans should not be missing in any closet

Sommer Outfit sportlich elegant Plus Size Mode für mollige Frauen

Miniskirts are also ideal for a summer outfit in plus size

welche Röcke bei dicken Oberschenkeln Sommer Outfit für kurvige Frauen

Colorful patterns and prints feel super refreshing in summer

Sommerkleider dicke Oberschenkel Sommer Outfits für kurvige Frauen