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Summer business outfit for women: Make your shorts office-appropriate with these styling tips and tricks!

Summertime brings sultry sunny days, long nights and lots of airy outfits. But we all know the problem – as soon as the temperatures outside reach the 30-degree mark, it gets quite hot, especially in the office. In the summer heat, we find it even harder than usual to choose the right office look. After all, we don’t want to sweat all day in dark and thick pantsuits, do we? Elegant, modern and light – that’s how the perfect summer business outfit for women should be. Granted, in some professions shorts, skirts and dresses are an absolute no-go. But if you don’t have a specific and too strict dress code, there are plenty of great styling options to choose from. Have you ever wondered if you could wear shorts to the office? The answer is a resounding yes! Once you follow a few rules and styling tips, you can make your trendy shorts office-appropriate. We’ll explain the best way to do that and how to create a modern office outfit for summer right below!

Wear shorts to the office for a chic summer business outfit for women

Business outfit summer 2022 shorts office wear tips

Shorts, airy dresses and skirts are among the absolute summer basics for women , which should not be missing in any closet. Because let’s be honest – in the heat we squeeze ourselves only reluctantly in skinny jeans or long pants. While we tend to wear the comfortable parts on the beach or in our free time, we can actually make our beloved shorts suitable for the office and create a cool and at the same time serious summer business outfit for women. All you need are some smart styling tips and some creativity.

Choose shorts made of lightweight and high-quality fabrics

fashion trends summer 2022 shorts in the office wear women

As much as we love our denim shorts, they are more what for beach vacations and unsuitable for a summer business outfit for women. To be able to wear shorts in the office, you’d better go for models made of lightweight and high-quality fabrics. Materials such as silk, linen, cotton or printed jacquard fabrics are very much in vogue this summer and provide a polished and professional look. In addition, the fabrics allow our skin to breathe and keep us cool in the heat so we don’t sweat. However, some caution should be taken with linen because the fabric can get wrinkled quickly and that doesn’t make a good impression. Linen pants combined with microfiber or polyester can remedy this situation without sacrificing style.

Pay attention to the right length

Bermuda shorts wear in the office pants trends summer 2022

Even if the atmosphere at your company is rather casual and there is no strict dress code, you are out of place with pants that are too short. For a successful summer outfit for women, it is important to always leave a professional impression. To make shorts suitable for the office, you’d better opt for slightly longer models that end just above the knee. How about Bermuda shorts, for example?

how to make shorts suitable for office pants trends summer 2022 ladies

These chic pieces look serious and are also one of the biggest fashion trends for summer 2022 . For a grown-up look, combine the Bermuda shorts with a feminine shirt blouse and a blazer, which you can take on and off at any time if necessary. Add a classy handbag and elegant sandals and you have the perfect office outfit for summer!

Choose subtle and simple colors

Linen shorts wear in office summer business outfit women

We admit it – bright neon colors and colorful patterns are simply part of summer and are a real eye-catcher. But if you want to wear shorts to the office, you should rather go for neutral and subtle shades. For example, white, beige as well as nude shades look wonderfully fresh, feel light and provide a serious and professional look.

Summer pantsuit women Bermuda shorts wear in office

Is that too boring for you? Then go for models with slightly playful details, such as lace. Plaid shorts are also very much in demand this summer and are best suited for a modern summer outfit for women.

Summer business outfit for women: Wear blazer and shorts to the office

shorts trends summer 2022 women how to style shorts office ready

A chic and elegant summer blazer is probably the easiest way to make shorts suitable for the office. The timeless classic adds a grown-up and serious touch to the otherwise casual pants and upgrades even the plainest office outfit in summer in no time. While models in white or beige are always a safe choice, blazers in soft pastel colors exude a light and refreshing elegance.

shorts wear in office women summer business outfit ideas

High heels are not a must with you in the office? Then you can consider yourself really lucky! The combination of blazer, shorts and sneakers is one of the absolute favorite looks of all fashion girls this summer! The style break looks really exciting and is a great eye-catcher.

Which tops to wear with it?

shorts wear in office how to style shorts office wear tips

To create an elegant summer business outfit for women and wear shorts in the office, the choice of the matching top plays a crucial role. We probably don’t have to explain to you that casual t-shirts with prints are a no-go. On the other hand, you can’t go wrong with airy blouses and classic shirts. As far as colors are concerned, you have a bit more leeway in terms of styling here. Romantic floral patterns, soft pastel colors or voluminous puff sleeves are on trend and add a chic and exciting touch to your office look.

how to make shorts office appropriate summer business outfit women