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Styling tips for spring – why long skirts flatter the figure.

To emphasize the advantages of the figure is the purpose of any fashionable styling. If a few extra pounds are to be concealed, long skirts are the perfect choice. Due to their optimal length, midi and maxi skirts can help make the silhouette look more feminine and slender.

Long skirts: With this skirt length the silhouette looks slimmer

Properly style long plaid skirt with sweater

Every woman is annoyed by small problem zones. Even if the weak points are objectively none, supposedly wide hips or a voluptuous figure are gladly concealed. In this respect, skirts in particular are considered true figure wonders. However, whether a skirt flatters or bulks up the figure depends on various factors. Regardless of the figure type, a skirt length that ends at the narrowest part of the legs is ideal. Skirts can basically be worn for any occasion, in a professional environment as well as for leisure.

Long skirt wear in winter styling tips

However, for special events such as a family celebration, an opera premiere or a party, it should be a more elegant outfit. In the past, the tried and tested traditional costume clothing was used for folk festivals such as the Munich Oktoberfest. In the meantime, the old-fashioned traditional costume look has developed into a sophisticated fashion style. Thus, a designer dirndl can be elegant, comfortable and figure-friendly at the same time. Dirndl models with half-length skirts make the figure look slimmer. Since Dirndl skirts are characterized by their relatively firm fabric quality, the Trachten look gets a certain stability, while the female silhouette is emphasized by the flared cut.

Woman with red hair wearing maxi skirt and green sweater

Midi dirndls can be combined with traditional stockings and tights or simply worn with bare legs. If you have strong calves, you do not have to do without skirts at all. On the contrary: with a skirt that ends just below or above the knees, you can optimally distract from the supposed problem zone. Thus, midi skirts make the calves appear visually slimmer. Skirt models that are tightly cut in the waist area make the legs look longer overall.

Distract from voluptuous shapes and problem areas

Properly style long skirts useful tips

To cleverly hide excess pounds, skirts, like dresses, can be combined with pumps with wide or higher heels, so that the strong calves look slimmer. In fashion, the color black is considered a secret weapon to distract from voluptuous shapes and problem areas, while visually stretching the figure. This effect is enhanced by shoes with high heels. However, it is better to avoid too figure-hugging cuts for a chubby figure.

maxi skirt for spring wear useful tips

Tightly cut skirts as well as light materials like jersey mercilessly flaunt every pound too much. Wide-cut dresses and skirts with light ruffles, on the other hand, can hide curves. To make sure that your favorite outfit fits again by summer at the latest, you should regularly integrate sport and exercise into your daily routine. When there is a lack of exercise, hardly any energy is used up, so that excess pounds accumulate in the area of the abdomen, hips and buttocks. In most cases, two to three workout sessions per week are enough to get fit and style your figure.

long skirt with dots properly style with denim vest and t-shirt

Losing weight quickly works much better with sports than just dieting. A lot of calories are also burned during housework and gardening. In addition, the daily calorie consumption can be reduced with calorie-free drinks such as mineral water and tea. A glass of champagne also tastes good with almost any food. Since skirts are one of the fashionable, timeless and changeable clothing, they fit any figure.