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Styling mistakes that make you look older and the best outfit tips for older women you should know!

Looking younger and fresher is a desire shared by most women. In order to slow down the aging process, we spend a lot of money on overpriced procedures and care products and try all sorts of tricks. But not only make-up and hairstyle are crucial for how we are perceived by others. With the right outfit, we can always show off our assets and, if necessary, conceal small flaws. And let’s face it – no one wants to look older than they actually are. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, we’ve done our research for you and reveal the most common styling mistakes that make you look older. Is black taboo after a certain age? Are there certain shoes that make us look old? And what about accessories for women over 50? You’ll find all the answers here, as well as helpful outfit tips! So read on and turn back the clock to a younger you.

Styling mistakes that make older: you wear the wrong bra

what underwear women from 50 styling mistakes that make older

When it comes to styling mistakes that make us look older, we logically think first of our outfits and not what we’re wearing underneath. Whether we’re 20,30 or 50 years old, we can’t stress enough the importance of wearing the right bra. As we age, our breast shape changes and more than 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. Not only is this very uncomfortable, but it can also affect the fit of our clothes. The right bra makes our breasts look firmer, which in turn makes for a flattering silhouette. So if the straps are cutting into your shoulders, bulges are popping out in the back, or your cleavage is oozing out of your bra, it’s time for a visit to the lingerie store. To find the right bra size for you, it’s best to get detailed advice from the gals. Look for a seamless style with molded cups that hug your curves and fit perfectly under clothing.

Colors that are too dark will make you look older

Styling mistakes that make old outfit tips women over 50

Yes, we know – black is chic, timeless and actually makes us look slimmer. However, as the years go by, our skin tends to become paler and wearing clothes that are too dark is actually one of the biggest styling mistakes that make you look older. The stark contrast can further accentuate those little wrinkles, and after all, we wouldn’t want that, would we? To counteract this, add a little pop of color with colorful accessories or statement jewelry. And if lighter shades aren’t for you, there are other ways to create a more cheerful atmosphere. For example, gray is all the rage this year and a great way to break up the look.

You are wearing the wrong size

what colors to wear from 50 styling mistakes that make older

Just because you fit perfectly in a size 36 3-4 years ago, doesn’t mean you will today. Sure, you might be able to squeeze into your jeans, but let’s face it – it wouldn’t be entirely comfortable, guaranteed. Wearing the wrong size is one of the biggest styling mistakes that old make and that we all commit far too often. Don’t get obsessed with the size that’s on the label and focus on clothes that fit you well. When we feel comfortable in our outfits, we instantly exude confidence and look younger and happier as a result.

The wrong shoes as one of the biggest styling mistakes that make you look older

styling mistakes that make older fashion trends women over 50

Our shoes have the power to round out our outfits or ruin them completely. One of the biggest styling mistakes that make older is wearing the wrong shoes. Many women need supportive and comfortable shoes as they age, but that doesn’t mean you have to go the beige and orthopedic shoe route. There are many brands that make orthopedic shoes that still look chic and modern. From heels to sandals to cool boots, there is something for every taste and style. So if you don’t want to look like a granny, better leave your kitten heels in the closet and go for geometric heeled shoes instead, which is all the rage this fall anyway. Alternatively, you can complement the outfit with some “rejuvenating” clothes, such as casual jeans.

You wear only skin-colored tights

which tights for women over 50 styling mistakes that make older

If you have pale skin, skin-colored tights provide an even and beautiful complexion, but unfortunately, they can make us look visually a few years older. Especially too light, too dark or shiny tights often look unnatural and old-fashioned. Black tights or patterned styles are a much more flattering and modern alternative for staying warm during the cold winter months. Just make sure they match the rest of your outfit in terms of color.

Too much tweed, corduroy and co.

velvet blazer combine women from 50 styling mistakes that make older

Don’t get us wrong – tweed, corduroy, velvet and bouclé are timeless fashion classics and we love the classy fabrics. After all, velvet nails are the most popular fall 2022 nail trend that we’d try in a heartbeat. However, after a certain age, the classic fabrics can quickly look staid and old-fashioned, reminding us more of an old lady than a fashion-conscious woman. If you still don’t want to do without it, then you should make sure that you combine the fabrics in the right way. How about styling the tweed blazer with a pair of light colored jeans in a style break? A corduroy skirt also pairs wonderfully with chunky booties, and the outfit combo feels super modern and refreshing.

Styling mistakes that make you look older: pearls and chunky jewelry are a no-no

Accessories for women over 50 styling mistakes that make older

Some of the biggest makeup mistakes that make older , we have already told you. As you know, accessories can also make or break our outfits. The wrong jewelry is also one of the biggest styling mistakes we should avoid, ruining our looks. While big, chunky jewelry pieces give off a special boho vibe, they don’t look as flattering once you reach a certain age. While pearls are a true classic, they quickly look boring and stuffy in an everyday office setting. Filigree and delicate jewelry or statement earrings, on the other hand, give our outfits a youthful and modern touch. When it comes to jewelry for women over 50, the following styling rule applies: the more old-fashioned it is, the more modern the rest of the outfit should be.

The right glasses for older women

styling mistakes that make older what glasses women over 50

When was the last time you updated your glasses? 5 years ago? If this is the case, then it’s time for a little shopping spree. Especially if you have to wear your glasses around the clock, make sure they look modern and stylish. The right pair of glasses is one of the easiest ways to emphasize our style, and the right shape of glasses perfectly sets off our facial features. And if you want to look even younger, you can alternatively opt for contact lenses.

Monochrome looks make us look older

what shoes make older styling tips for women over 50

A few years ago, the epitome of style was that our shoes match our handbag and our handbag matches our hat. However, this style rule is so outdated and fashion is all about experimentation right now. Monochrome tone-on-tone outfits are all the rage, but after a certain age they can quickly look staid and boring. So don’t be afraid to play with different shades and add small, colorful accents. Even a scarf in bright red or blue can work wonders and give our look a refreshing touch.

which accessories make older fashion tips women over 50