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Store news! 3 trend tops from H&M, Zara and Mango that we love

The warm spring weather is still waiting, but tops are known to go always. After all, you can wear just about anything over the sleeveless tops, and soon there will be no need for a warming blazer as a styling partner (hopefully). We took a look around the online stores of H&M, Zara and Mango and picked out three beautiful trend models for spring.

Knitted top by H&M, ca. 25 Euro

Blue knit tops from the store novelties of H&M.
Knitted top by H&M, ca. 25 Euro

Chic in knitwear – a motto that we actually know more from the winter. This year, however, we’re wearing knitwear in spring, too, and of course in the light version, i.e. in the form of soft shell and structured knit tops. They look a bit more special than the familiar jersey models and add a summery touch to any look. The best example of this is this bustier-like top from the new H&M store, which enhances the two-piece look with a blazer and suit trousers, but can also be combined casually with jeans and mules. If you want to be even more stylish, simply wear the blue cropped top over an oversized blouse.

Store novelty asymmetrical top from Mango, approx. 26 euros

Top with only one strap
Asymmetrical top with gathers from Mango, ca. 26 Euro

In addition to casual knitwear models, asymmetrical tops are also very popular this spring – a look at the new items in the Mango store is proof of this. The trendy tops are figure-hugging, mostly made of classic jersey and cover only one shoulder. The unconventional cut gives the basic top a very special twist. The whole thing looks übrigens also cool when a blazer is worn over it – finally, the narrow neckline peeks out from under the jacket. In fact, there are no styling limits here. Only the choice of bra should be considered: Ideally, you go for a strapless model or simply do without the bra so that the straps do not interfere with the off-the-shoulder effect.

Peplum top by Zara, ca. 26 Euro

Red top from Zara
playful top from Zara, ca. 26 Euro

When it comes to tops, you can be playful in spring. The pieces in the corresponding store news sections are full of cute details like flounces, bows and bows. Zara’s top combines all of these in one, while the bright red color ensures that the style doesn’t get too playful. However, when styling it, you should make sure that it does not become too süß. Meaning: Go for style breaks, a simple pair of jeans is the perfect styling partner for the detailed top. Add flats and earrings – and the trendy style is ready for spring.