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Spring fashion – which pieces may now return to the closet?

Spring is coming in leaps and bounds and new clothes are needed. But maybe some pieces from last season are still in style. In line with spring cleaning, it’s time to reorganize your closet, get rid of the old and put away the new.

Which pieces from winter can stay?

Spring fashion which winter pieces remain

Not all winter clothes have to be banished from the closet for spring. Warm sweaters can stay in, but also the thick quilted coat, in case the temperatures still fall into the minus range. Thick leggings are also further suitable for spring, for example in combination with a beautiful spring dress or a long skirt.

What pieces do not wear now?

Which pieces to clear out of your closet this spring

In spring, you don’t really need thick fleece jackets and turtlenecks anymore. Also out of the closet can be anything in boring colors such as gray or dark blue. For spring, it can be much more colorful. Also totally out are tightly cut blouses, these may be sorted out with pleasure.

Great spring colors for more variety

Beautiful spring colors in pastel for variety in the closet

Especially trendy this year are dresses in pastel colors, even gaudy shades like pink and orange may be there. The great thing is: This year you can also combine the colors pink with pink or even light blue with a strong dark blue. Your clothes can be tone-in-tone if you like the currently trendy monochrome look.

Brand new – patterns and pattern mix

Pieces with patterns and stripes belong in the closet this spring

Striking patterns are all the rage this year. So feel free to add plaid shirts and shirts with stripes to your wardrobe. A colorful mix of patterns goes down particularly well. Just combine dots with stripes or checks and flowers plus animal print. No matter how striking your outfit should be – in spring 2022 everything is allowed. The look will be a little more discreet if you combine it with a plain-colored piece.

Trench coat and blazer

Spring fashion blazer and jeans combine

Trench coats and blazers are timeless and therefore not to be banned from the closet this spring. Especially trendy are 2022 oversized blazers with a wide cut and maybe additionally with shoulder pads.

Pants with slit

Jeans with slit are trendy in spring

Long absent, but now fashionable again: Pants with a slit. Jeans with a side slit look especially chic when combined with stylish pumps. Casual and sporty, on the other hand, it looks with fashionable sneakers.

Boyfriend shirts and feminine blouses to lace up.

Boyfriend t-shirt with striped pants as a spring outfit

In addition to timelessly modern tops and shirts, you may also like oversized versions or feminine blouses. If your boyfriend is also sorting out a few dresses now for spring, you can grab them. Because the boyfriend look is currently back in style. A few oversized T-shirts are the ideal complement here to feminine blouses, which are available in spring 2022 to tie. Blouses to tie can be laced at the back or front. Very playful are the ribbons that you can tie in different ways – for example, for a pretty waist or a beautiful back.

Jackets and vests made of quilted fabric – still popular

What transitional jacket in spring 2022 quilted jacket

Light spring jackets are back in the closet for the transition from the cold to the warmer season. Chic quilted jackets and vests in short as well as long versions are not only practical, but also trendy again this year.

If you still have a quilted jacket in a very bright color or with an unusual pattern, this may be combined with pleasure to the outfit this year. Gaudy shades such as pistachio green, purple or light blue are particularly popular. Extra-wide models, on the other hand, go well with the trendy oversized look.