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Sneakers with a skirt: these cool outfit ideas for spring 2022 will make you a real fashion guru

Sneakers have never been so trendy, and what’s more, they’re insanely comfortable. Dresses and skirts can be just as comfortable, not to mention the freedom they offer since they aren’t as restrictive as pants. The combination of sneakers and skirts is pure magic. As with any other outfit, sneakers should not compete with your skirt, but rather complement it. It’s undeniable that a pair of sneakers will instantly make any look cooler. We’ll show you different ways to pair sneakers with a skirt to get a beautiful look for spring and summer 2022. Get inspired by the following outfit ideas.

What skirts are in?

Leather mini skirt with white sneakers

Combine leather mini skirt with white sneakers

Sneakers can be combined with different types of skirts. Today’s fashion combines femininity and comfort. Leather skirts are very fashionable and one of the best combinations with sneakers. Put on a leather mini skirt and a graphic t-shirt and combine the outfit with white sneakers , such as canvas sneakers to give it some pizzazz. Classics like the white sporty shoes go with everything. You will feel comfortable throughout the day and the skirt will keep you stylish. You can complete the look with modest jewelry.

Floral skirts are making a comeback

Flowered skirts are making a comeback in spring 2022

The floral pattern of a skirt gives a bohemian style that you will surely want to have in spring 2022. Pair the floral skirt with sneakers for a casual look. For example, you can choose a pair of Old Skool Vans because it goes with everything. Vans also come in different colors, but black is a favorite. The platform style is also very popular because it adds a little feminine touch.

Sneakers with a denim skirt

Fashion trends - sneakers to the skirt from denim

The light denim look of a skirt can make the garment a distinctive ode to the 90s. But the best part is that the denim skirt can be perfectly combined with dad sneakers.

Fashionable pleated skirt

Pleated skirt as a trend in spring 2022

The pleated skirt will stay with you for a lifetime and is versatile enough to be worn in all four seasons. Of course, you can combine it with 90s sneakers.

Combine sneakers with skirt

High-top sneakers from the 90s

High-top sneakers with skirt - a must in summer 2022

The 90s chunky sneaker models are super fashionable nowadays. These high-top sneakers with great white socks are probably one of the best ways to style a combination with chic dress or skirt. You can wear high-top sneakers for a walk in the park as well as to parties and events. They are the perfect style for an effortlessly cool, casual look – especially when paired with color-coordinated skirts. Many designers like Gucci, Prada and Saint Laurent have created a pair of high-top sneakers for spring and summer.

Basketball sneakers

Basketball sneakers to combine with skirt

With the rising popularity of basketball-inspired styles in the streetwear sphere, it’s only natural that many designers follow suit when it comes to footwear. Follow the trend and pair your basketball sneakers with a nice skirt.

Slip-on sneaker with skirt

Slip-on sneakers with skirt - trend in spring

You can choose this model because it has a minimalist design and lets your feet breathe. Slip-on sneakers are probably one of the most practical and versatile shoe models and the perfect choice for women who are constantly on the go. They are comfortable and easy to put on. Minimalists, in particular, will love this shape – both for its streamlined structure and the ease with which you can slip in and out of them. When it comes to choosing a finish, a tonal colorway is the easiest way to ensure your look stays fresh no matter the season. The best slip-on sneakers for women are the casual styles that you can quietly pair with a stylish skirt to create a spring outfit.

Platform sneakers

Combine platform sneakers with skirt - stylish and modern

The influence of the 90s still plays a big role on the catwalk and on the street, and platform sneakers are on everyone’s lips until 2022 and beyond. High platform and beautiful uppers in different shades are the perfect choice for creative ladies and they pair very well with skirts.

Metallic sneakers

Metallic sneakers go perfectly with skirts

Although sneakers have long been associated with sports and casual wear, they are also a great footwear choice for dressier occasions. It just depends on what you choose and how you style it. Metallic accents, glitter and sequins are the easiest way to upgrade the plain sneaker, and luckily most designer brands know this all too well.

Dad sneaker to skirt

Dad sneakers are in this season

This model is still in trend in spring 2022. These sneakers, which many people also call Ugly Sneakers, have dominated the runways for a few years now and are presented by many designers in their fashion collections. The models are colorful or white and perfectly match with any clothes – especially dresses and skirts. These sneakers are very comfortable and you wear them to parties or in everyday life. Many combinations are possible, mainly you have an elegant, tasteful and casual look.