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Scarf Upcycling Ideas – Great DIY Projects to Reuse Accessories

Re- and upcycling are very high in the course and that’s good! Why throw things away when you can turn them into great new ones or just jazz them up? Something that is not missing in most women’s closets are scarves in a variety of colors. You plan to finally clean it out? Before you throw all the scarves in the old clothes collection, take a look at our ideas for scarf upcycling! After all, just because you don’t want to wear your scarves around your neck anymore doesn’t mean they can’t still be used for other purposes. In fact, these simple pieces of fabric are more versatile than you might think.

Scarf upcycling for bags

Bastelidee für ein Schal Upcycling - Taschengriffe aufpeppen

Scarves transform into fashionable handles for handbags without much effort or can conceal and cover abraded such. So if your favorite bag has got blemishes after all these years, you can hide them with the help of a simple scarf – double upcycling that is! This is how scarf upcycling is done:

Spice up handles

Schal Upcycling für Taschen - Griffe verschönern mit Schals

Fold the scarf so that you get a long strip. You then wrap this around the handle and tie a knot. Then wrap the scarf evenly around the handle until you reach the other end, where you tie a knot again. You repeat the same with the other handle.

Make your own handles with scarves

Träger für Taschen basteln aus einem Schaltuch für Damen

But what if the bag does not even have handles or handles? Then a creative scarf upcycling also comes to your rescue. Because scarves look really adorable in the form of handles. You don’t have to sew for these upcycling ideas with fabric either. Depending on the size of the scarves you have available, you can either make a handle or a longer strap.

Anleitung für Taschenträger zum Aufpeppen von langweiligen Taschen

Fold the scarf for this so that you get a narrow strip again – as you like diagonally or from side to side. You are welcome to twist this in afterwards for an even more interesting look, or use three scarves and braid them. You can also incorporate beads and other accessories. Depending on the bag, you then attach the fabric strip either by knotting the two ends to the rings provided, or by simply knotting the ends together and placing the ring you received under the bag lid. If you then fold the lid over and strap it down, you’ll have a secure carrier that won’t slip out.

Scarf upcycling idea – make bags out of scarves

Handtasche selber machen aus einem quadratischen Schaltuch

Or how about making a whole new bag out of a large scarf? Sounds difficult? But it isn’t! There are several variations available for this scarf upcycling as well. For our first tutorial, all you need is a scarf of the size you want – a perfect last minute project. Spread it out in front of you and tie knots at all four corners. Leave enough length of fabric sticking out as you do this, as you will then tie two of these tails together to create the pocket handles.

Bindetechnik für eine modische Damentasche im Sommer

Alternatively, you can tie two diagonal corners a little lower and then above them tie the other two higher up. The latter serves as a strap, while the other knot closes the bag.

Schal Upcycling Idee - Tuch an Ringe binden für eine einfache und schicke Handtasche

Or you can also add some accessories in addition. For example, if you tie the cloth to rings or ropes, you will also get useful handles in a quick way.

Beautiful wall decoration with style

Schal Upcycling - Tücher als Wanddeko verwenden

Honestly, would you have thought of using their square shawls as wall decorations? At the same time, this is a really fancy idea! You can attach the scarves symmetrically to the wall with the help of pins or special tape, or stretch them in picture or embroidery frames and arrange them like murals.

Wanddeko-Idee mit quadratischen Schals oder langem Schal im Stickrahmen

In the case of scarf upcycling with embroidery frames, we particularly like the fact that the fabric can hang out, which gives the decoration a casual charm. With this variant, however, it is recommended to do without groups and instead set a single accent with only one scarf. Otherwise, your wall will look way too cluttered.

Scarf upcycling – Suncatcher for window and terrace

Hübsche Suncatcher als Fenster- oder Terrassendeko mit Seidenschal und Stickrahmen

Not only the wall, but also the window is suitable for decorating with scarves and embroidery frames. For such a scarf upcycling is best to use a slightly more transparent fabric with bright colors. Stretch it in the embroidery hoop and cut off the excess on the sides. A scarf is big enough to make several such suncatchers at once. This would also make a great gift idea, don’t you think?

Cool and reusable gift packaging

Kreatives Schal Upcycling für Geschenke - Tücher statt Geschenkpapier

Tearing open wrapping paper is huge fun, no question about it. But is it worth all the waste afterwards? It would be better to use packaging that looks good, can be reused and doesn’t produce unnecessary waste. And this is where your old scarves come in handy again. Because gifts wrapped with scarves look really wonderful. How do you tie the scarf around the gift?

Anleitung zum ökologischen Verpacken von Geschenken

For this kind of scarf upcycling, you use the scarf just like you know it from wrapping paper. However, instead of taping, simply knot the corners of the scarf together. Here you can form beautiful bows, but also a simple knot looks really pretty. Or how about tying two knots on one gift at once? Admit it, these wrappings are much prettier than the classic paper ones!

Spice up boring flip flops with scarf upcycling

Schal Upcycling mit Flip Flops - Riemchen mit Tüchern verzieren

Have a pair of flip flops that aren’t too pretty to look at? You can change that quickly and most importantly easily with old (or even new) scarves. Take a scarf and cut it in half with scissors. First, take one half and place it around the strap that will be between the toes. Now wrap the scarf tightly around this intersection and then evenly around the ankle straps. At the end, tie knots on both sides. Repeat with the other flip flop as well.

Bastelanleitung zum Verschönern von Flip Flops mit Seidenschal

You can either cut off the excess ends of the scarf or tie them around the ankle to give the flip flops another interesting accent.

Party garlands quick craft

Seidenschals oder andere Schals für Girlanden verwenden

Your party is about to start, but somehow the decoration is still missing that certain something? Quickly dig out all your scarves from the closet and make a colorful garland. Bandanas can also be used for this purpose. Fold the scarves diagonally so that you get triangles and knot the corners together. Or cut the scarves into strips (or fold them into strips) and hang them on a string.

Upcycling for clothes – use big scarves as tops

Top binden aus einem alten Damenschal mit Anleitung

Large silk scarves and shawls can be wonderfully used as a top for summer. There are various tying techniques to get different types of tops. But of course, you can also experiment on your own and wrap and knot for all you’re worth. In this first variant, tie two corners together and pass the head through the loop obtained. Then take the other two corners and knot them at the back. Quick, easy and incredibly chic!

Tie crop top

Bauchfreies Top selber machen mit Schals - Anleitung zum Binden

You will get a belly model again with this tying technique. Wrap the scarf around your torso from the back and take the ends crosswise in the front (double is best). Bring the ends of the scarf back to the back and tie them there.

Make your own door wreath for a scarf upcycling

Winterlicher Kranz aus einem Kabel mit Winterschal, Schleifen und Tannengrün

Not only your old silk scarves can be used for scarf upcycling. Winter scarves are also suitable for beautiful DIY projects. For example, how about a door wreath for the fall or winter? This you simply wrap with the scarf, after which you can add other decorations: Tree slices, fir branches, branches with berries, snowflakes and so on.

Türkranz als Schal Upcycling für Sommer und Frühling mit Vogelhäuschen

But of course, again, the more elegant models are also suitable. Especially in spring and summer it should be nice and colorful and silk scarves are this all the time. Here, too, miss each model with the right decoration the finishing touch – birdhouses, flowers and ribbons are just a few of the possibilities.

Sew curtains or drapes

Patchwork Vorhänge in bunten Farben aus Seidenschals

A patchwork-look curtain looks pretty and can be tried even by sewing beginners. The important thing is to make sure that the individual scarves are really sewn together evenly. Crooked seams are immediately noticeable with this symmetrical design. You can also choose tablecloths for a scarf upcycling. Or how about a pretty bedspread?

Upcycling ideas – curtains without sewing

Vorhänge und Gardinen ohne nähen zum Binden für die Fenster

You do not really dare to sew patchwork? Then make it easier for yourself by simply wrapping or tying the scarves around the curtain rod. The scarves can all be the same length, or they can get shorter from the outside in. Although it may not seem like it at first glance, but you can get really creative when it comes to decorating the window with a scarf curtain!

Embellish jewelry tray

Tablett für Schmuck mit Schal Upcycling verschönern

You still have that unsightly tray or small box that you somehow can’t use for anything? Then use it for a simple scarf upcycling, with which you can give new life to both parts at once. You need Mod Podge, which you first spread on the tray or box. Then, on top of that, you lay the scarf and apply another layer of Mod Podge. Once the glue dries, the little box can be used.

Tablett mit Mod Podge einstreichen und mit Seidenschal bekleben

DIY upcycling with scarf – pillow cases

Nachhaltige Geschenkverpackung aus Stoff - Umweltfreundliches Schal Upcycling

Covers for pillows are a great idea for scarf upcycling, aren’t they? You can sew them just like any other fabric, using your favorite cutting pattern. However, this DIY idea also works without sewing. How. By simply using the same instructions you used for the gift wrap.

Kissenbezug ohne nähen als Schal Upcycling - Einfache Bindetechnik

You can not only reuse old scarves for scarf upcycling. If you want to put together a certain color or motif theme, just buy new scarves with the desired design and easily spice up your couch set, bed or kids room. Even the terrace or balcony will immediately get a more beautiful look and atmosphere with this simple project.