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Reinforce jeans in the crotch – a trick with which it works quite simply!

Bought new jeans, worn in, and already the fabric seems to be thinning in places like the inner thighs, culminating in friction holes? Tikbow reveals how to easily reinforce jeans in the crotch.

Ruffled holes on the inside leg of your favorite jeans? This problem is probably common to many women: The thighs rub against each other at this point, the fabric becomes thinner and after a while wear marks appear on the inside of the jeans, often on the sides of the thighs or on the bottom. The good news is that you do not have to immediately replace the chafed pants with a new model, you can easily strengthen the jeans in the crotch.

Jeans in the crotch verstärken – so goes’s!

The magic word when it comes to chafed jeans is Vlieseline. The Bügel interlining is placed on the chafed area from the inside and carefully fixed with the Bügeleisen. The heat causes the fabric to stick to the jeans and thus reliably strengthens the chafed or already torn area.

Jeans to strengthen and fleece line
Bügel interlining can help to reinforce the crotch of jeansPhoto: Tikbow

Vlieseline is available for little money in specialty shops for sewing supplies. If you need to do it quickly or if there is no Vlieseline seller nearby, normal denim will do in a pinch. However, it is thicker, has to be sewn on and can chafe unpleasantly on the skin. If you don’t want to face the hole in your favorite jeans yourself, you can always take them to a tailor you trust.