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Patchwork jeans are the coolest denim fashion trend for spring: here are some styling tips!

Back in the summer, fashion label Dior delivered the coolest fashion trend of 2021: patchwork jeans. Since then, the garment has become a symbol of sustainable manufacturing in the fashion industry. Namely, the jeans are sewn together from fabric scraps and are in line with the upcycling trend. But they also make a visual impact and offer numerous styling options. If you are fascinated by the trend piece of the latest collection by Dior, Victoria Beckham or Jaded London, but are looking for an inexpensive alternative, you can also make the patchwork pattern yourself. This way, your favorite jeans will get an update in no time. How you can style the key piece, we tell you in the article.

Patchwork jeans: the sustainable garment conquered the hearts of fashion bloggers

Outfit Ideen im 70er Stil zum selber machen

Patchwork jeans are actually made according to a traditional manufacturing technique, in which several pieces of fabric are sewn together. The manufacturing process is not a new invention. Before industrialization, textiles were very expensive, so at that time clothes were also made from the scraps of clothing. After industrialization, however, the patchwork method fell into oblivion until the hippie movement of the 70s discovered it for themselves. Through their patchwork clothing, the hippies wanted to reject prestige consumption. Nowadays, patchwork denim stands for sustainability. In view of the scarce resources, it therefore makes sense from an ecological point of view that fabric remnants are reused. A good reason why jeans have conquered the hearts of fashion girls worldwide.

What colors and patterns are in trend: the patched denim is currently very trendy. For the cold season like fall and winter, a combination of dark and light denim washes or a combination of denim and corduroy or velvet is a good choice. For their spring collections, designers are playing with strong fabric and pattern contrasts. Especially soft cotton inserts with floral or check patterns bring variety.

Patchwork Jeans für den Sommer stylen mit Cord Gürtel

As for the cut, designers offer a wide range of models. Practically anything goes that looks good on you and pleases you. For the spring of 2021, comfort is also important, so the wide-cut jeans are totally in. Denim pants are fitted to the hips and waist and have a wide flared leg. Girlfriend and boyfriend jeans also promise a high level of comfort. For the fashionistas who dare to wear a skin-tight jeans, the so-called straight fit.

How to properly style the patchwork jeans?

Patchwork Jeans im Frühling tragen mit Bluse stylen Ideen

Unlike the other jeans models, styling a pair of patchwork pants requires much more creativity. For a classic look, go for jeans with large-scale patterns and with a gentle color change, which they can combine with plain blouses, shirts or sweaters.

Patchwork Jeans mit Lederjacke und Loafers tragen

If you want a fashion-conscious styling, go for a leather jacket and loafers. The low shoe has conquered the hearts of fashionistas and established itself as a popular companion in spring. The classic shoe can be perfectly executed with patchwork jeans. A blouse in a solid color can effectively complete the outfit. The look is suitable for everyday wear and chic at the same time, just great for long walks in the city.

Patchwork Jeans mit Mantel stylen Tipps

If you stick to the rule of thumb and wear a simple blouse, a white shirt or a sweater or vest in gray, white or black with the jeans with bold patterns, you’re doing it right. Beginners in particular should keep the rest of their outfit as subtle as possible.

Patchwork Jeans mit Pullover tragen Ideen für Outfits für Frühling

A loose-fitting knit sweater or a blouse with a V-neck and peep toes can be super combined with skinny jeans with smaller patchwork motifs. Also on trend: paperbag pants with patchwork, gathered at the waist with a belt. It stretches, subtly emphasizes the curves and at the same time conceals the problem areas.

Patchwork Jeans mit weißem Hemd und Gürtel

Loose-fitting shirts and jeans with an extra wide leg are among the trends for spring 2021. The so-called oversized fashion is a fashion statement in itself. Proof that the boundaries between office and everyday wear are melting. But be careful – if you decide to go for the look, the outfit should be kept as monochrome and simple as possible. That means no tie-dye, no plaid, no Chinese motifs.

Patchwork Jeans Styling Tipps für Frühling

Jeans with a frayed edge were already among the absolute must-haves of the summer season in 2020. The trend is here to stay this year. Those who opt for it can even go one better and put on a blazer or a vest with fringes.

Patchwork Modetrend Jeans auf Jeans tragen

Last year, denim shirts made a comeback. They look especially chic when combined with patchwork denim pants. If you like it more discreet, you can opt for a denim shirt in the same wash as the pants.

Sportlich elegant Outfit mit Patchwork Jeans und Croptop

For all the self-confident fashion girls, the next styling tip offers the opportunity to show more skin. A crop top and patchwork jeans with a high waist provide well-dosed insights and are the perfect outfit for walks on cool summer evenings.

By the way, anyone can sew patchwork jeans themselves. All you need are scraps of denim fabric and a pair of denim pants. First, cut off the jeans leg and put on a new pant leg from a different denim fabric. Use larger patchwork pieces, it will be much faster and easier.