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Paris Hilton celebrates wedding – wedding dress fireworks on Instagram !

For many she is the eternal party girl, now US reality star Paris Hilton celebrated the ultimate party of parties: the 40-year-old married her fiancé Carter Reum. Her fan community was allowed to share via social media.

At the wedding in Los Angeles, the public was excluded for the time being, but later media professional Paris Hilton spoke out online. "My eternity begins today", she wrote on Instagram and Twitter, using the hashtags #JustMarried (newly married) and #ForeverHiltonReum. Her dress: a lavish creation by designer Oscar de la Renta in Grace Kelly style, high-necked and üover and üover embroidered with flower appliqués.

"I hope no one steps on my veil"

That veil had previously given her a headache: During rehearsals, both her father and fiancé stepped on it, she told her podcast "This is Paris". "I hope no one steps on my veil, that would be a nightmare." Furthermore hakelig: The bridal dance – "I usually dance at music festivals, raves and in clubs" and the vows – "Carter has written his in the last few months, I always do everything last minute". Anyway, she said, she is sh"chtern when it comes to speaking in front of others. "I’m just good at pretending I’m not shüchtern, just like I’m good at pretending I’m a dumb blonde."

But Paris wouldnüt be Paris if she was content with one outfit: The bride wore an off-the-shoulder creation by Galia Lahav&hellip alongside said gown;

… and a short dress, for which again Oscar de la Renta was responsible and which was perfect for dancing:

But the most important thing seems to be clear: “I am so excited about this new phase in my life, I know deep in my heart that Carter will be a wonderful husband.

Carter Reum and Paris Hilton became a couple when Hilton had just finished filming her documentary "This is Paris" (2020 veröffentlicht). In it she made, among other things, abuse experiences in a youth facility öffentlich. The 40-year-old is campaigning for a law to better combat abuse in such institutions.

For a long time, she was known primarily as a dazzling figure of nightlife and became almost synonymous with the term "It-Girl" – a woman known primarily for her appearance in ¨public and her attractiveness. In her early 20s, the reality series "The Simple Life" showed Hilton testing life without luxury together with friend Nicole Richie. In real life followed, among other things, appearances as a DJane and in films, relationships with famous men, three engagements and separations, and stakes in companies and fashion product lines.

Paris and Carter wish to have children

Her öpublic image was nevertheless long dominated by the footage of her having sex with her then-boyfriend. He had published them without consent. "It was like a rape", Hilton once said about it in a documentary. No wonder she now emphasized in her podcast that she had always been looking for someone "whom I can really love and trust and with whom I can spend my life". This includes children: The couple started with in vitro fertilization (artificial insemination), she told earlier this year. She said she wanted to have twins.

Paris Hilton – at her wedding everything should be perfect

Accompanied by her nieces Milou, Lily-Grace and Teddy as a flower girl, she wants to approach Carter in a couture dress, it was said in advance. At the celebration there should be Überraschungsaufritte, friends would "ikonische songs" sing. In August, Hilton had announced during an appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s show that she wanted to wear "many dresses, probably ten".

At first, the party remained largely private, but later the entire wedding is expected to be featured in the final episode of Hilton’s new reality series "Paris in Love". The series launched on the streaming service "Peacock" in the U.S. just in time for the wedding date on November 11.

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