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Pants trends for women over 50 in autumn & winter: When choosing, follow these tips from fashion experts

As we get older, most women experience an evolution in their style. They discover what’s right for them and part with all the clothes and products that don’t match their inner life. But no matter where you are on your style journey, the backbone of your wardrobe will likely always be a pair (or two or three) of pants and jeans. Unfortunately, finding quality clothing can be difficult, especially as your body changes. To help you put together the perfect outfit, we’ve collected fashion experts’ opinions and tips on pants trends for women 50+ this fall and winter.

Pants trends for women 50+ in fall/winter – what to look for

Pants trends for women over 50 in autumn and winter - flared pants are in fashion

Read on to learn what to look for when buying pants.

Stop buying pants with a belt

When was the last time you wore a belt? Ten years ago? Then why are you still buying pants with belts? Put those pants back on the shelf! You should buy pants that fit well and don’t need a belt to adjust the fit anyway.

Say “no” to side pockets

Do you have a little extra room at the hips? Then why are you still buying pants with side pockets? Note to self: There are no more phone booths, so you don’t need change in your pockets, which in turn means you don’t need pockets. Put those pants back on the shelf!

On the other hand, you can jazz up your hips a bit with pockets if you have a slim build. Make sure the pockets don’t bulge and don’t stuff too many things in them.

Throw out the khakis

Did we mention khakis? Ladies, ditch those stiff cotton pants for the boys! They need to wear your clothes, not your clothes you! Opt for chinos instead of those bulky khakis. Chinos are usually made of lightweight cotton and look similar to khakis.

Look for luxurious fabrics like ponte knits, all-season wools, and blended fabrics that have a bit of Lycra in them – anything but stiff cotton khakis that look like you’re carrying your canvas bag. Put those pants back on the shelf!

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Pants trends for women over 50 in autumn / winter – flared pants are in fashion.

Pants trends for women over 50 in autumn & winter - Follow these tips

Flared pants are in fashion right now – and yes, women over 50 can enjoy them too. Furthermore, this style especially flatters the common pear shape. We speak of a pear shape when the lower part of your body is wider than the upper part. To compensate for this, wear flared pants with a high waist to hide your tummy and create an hourglass shape.

Tip: Another type you can try is the mom jeans. They are flared from the hips and not from the knee. Mom jeans are not only the trendiest choice, but they also offer the most comfort.

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Boot cut jeans are a good choice for women over 50

Boot cut jeans are a good choice for women over 50

Boot cut jeans get their name from their straight leg shape, which is easy to pull over a boot. You can also wear them with knee-high boots or over-the-knee boots in fall/winter if you prefer a looser fit than the classic skinny jeans. A straight cut or a boot cut jeans stretches the silhouette without emphasizing the problem zones. Combine them with a flared tunic, a V-neck top or a casual button-up with French piping.

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Boyfriend jeans offer an elegant look

Boyfriend jeans offer a stylish look

Pants trends for women over 50 – Boyfriend jeans are a must-have for ladies in fall and winter, as they offer the best silhouette. They are tight at the waist and hips and then become looser at the legs. You can choose one size larger if you want an even looser fit.

Boyfriend jeans offer a dressy look and can be worn with a blazer, blouse and high heels or a graphic tee and tennis shoes. This silhouette is versatile, comfortable and age appropriate. They allow a woman over 50 to play along with current trends and still look good.

Color palette in fall/winter pants trends for women over 50

Color palette in pants trends for women over 50 in fall and winter

Neutral, earthy colors are also an important part of fall and winter wardrobes for women over 50 and beyond. They are versatile enough to mix and match in different ways for different occasions. Brown tones like camel and tan are very popular in winter. Neutral shades like cream and ivory, on the other hand, are non-seasonal colors that can be paired with a statement color to easily create an eye-catching outfit. For example, combine cream pants with a bright red sweater.