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Oktoberfest outfit for women without Dirndl: 4 alternatives that you can also wear in everyday life & are cheaper

Such a dirndl looks really noble and beautiful and especially so feminine. But these qualities also have their price, which not everyone wants to or can accept. And then there are also those ladies who simply do not like to wear dresses and / or skirts, or who want to try something different this year instead of the classic costume. The only question is, what Dirndl alternatives are there that still fit the festival? Oktoberfest fashion has (become) quite versatile and we have some ideas for you on how to put together an Oktoberfest outfit for women without a Dirndl.

The leather pants for women for Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest outfit for women without dirndl with leather dungarees and shirt

This Oktoberfest outfit for women without Dirndl has been in trend for a few years now: why shouldn’t what suits men look good on women, too. And in fact, the models for women are really pretty to look at. You stay true to tradition in a way, but with a touch of coolness.

Dirndl alternative with longer leather dungarees and black checkered shirt

Leather pants are available as normal shorts in different lengths, but maximum to the knee, but also in the form of dungarees, if you want it to be a bit more playful. And they are, depending on the brand and model, usually also cheaper than traditional costumes.

Short sleeve or long sleeve blouse with brown leather pants

But to match, you need a blouse for the Oktoberfest, which doesn’t even have to be a special Dirndl blouse. A playful model with puff sleeves and gathered or laced, for example, is ideal. It is important that the blouse is long and not tummy. Alternative and more casual is again a shirt, which can be both plain and plaid. Typical Oktoberfest colors like blue, white and red fit especially well.

Leather dungarees with knitted sweater and knee socks

The only thing missing is the right shoes to go with the ladies’ traditional costume trousers. You have the choice between a more feminist Oktoberfest outfit for women without Dirndl with heeled shoes, ballerinas or typical Dirndl shoes and a more casual variant such as boots, which can also be combined with cuffs / stockings. But if you don’t want to invest in shoes as well, just wear sneakers or sneakers, albeit rather as an emergency alternative.

Oktoberfest outfit for women without dirndl with short leather pants and red plaid shirt

Or how about a pair of jeans with embellishments typical of lederhosen? This is also a trendy Dirndl alternative!

Oktoberfest outfit for women without Dirndl – combine blouses or shirt with skirt.

Oktoberfest outfit for women without dirndl - wide skirt in mustard yellow and striped shirt

Do you like the feminine look of dresses and skirts and just don’t want to spend a lot of money on a Dirndl, you can instead create your own Oktoberfest outfit for women without Dirndl by looking for a matching skirt and blouse. Blouses are available in abundance in regular stores as well, so you’re sure to find one quickly. With skirt a little more caution is required, because it should fit in terms of style and colors, of course, to the Wiesn. What should be considered to still be dressed appropriately for the occasion?

The skirt must be wide cut, but can vary in length (as well as the Dirndl). To compensate for the wide cut, you can choose a tight-fitting blouse (you are welcome to choose a traditional blouse for women) to go with it. As for the colors, you should also plan well. It’s not a carnival, so it can’t be too colorful. Instead, go for colors that are typical for the Wiesn festival. These include blue, beige, brown, dark green, red and white.

Shirt and pants as Oktoberfest outfit for women without Dirndl

Oktoberfest outfit for women without dirndl - long jeans with plaid blouse with puff sleeves

Take to Oktoberfest clothes that you already have in the closet! And what piece of clothing really everyone has? The jeans of course! So that the Oktoberfest outfit for women without Dirndl really looks like it should and the jeans do not seem annoying, pay great attention to the shirt. Namely, here you reach for a model that one would also wear with leather pants, and that is usually plaid and ideally in typical Oktoberfest colors.

Oktoberfest outfit for women without dirndl - short jeans pants with straps and white blouse

It may be long or short sleeved as you like and, if you want it to be a little cuter, it may also have puffed sleeves. For the cool evening hours, a thin cardigan is very suitable for this or invest in a traditional jacket if you are already saving on the Dirndl. And the shoes? Boots (gladly with stockings or cuffs that peek out just a little) or ankle boots are best suited.

If you have decided on pants, however, you do not have to look for jeans only. Alternatively, you can wear long or short pants in leather look (suede look is best) and combine them in the same way as already explained for jeans. So, pants are wonderful Dirndl alternatives if they are chosen and combined correctly.

Bonus tip: Oktoberfest blouse with bodice or Dirndl blouse.

Combine long jeans with flare and dirndl blouse

Oktoberfest blouses, which you can easily combine with a bodice to lace up, are also great and can be worn with jeans or leather pants and also with a skirt. Make sure you choose the right style and color. Bodices for the Wiesn should not look too erotic, but playful. If you choose such Oktoberfest outfit for women without Dirndl, you can wear the individual garments also on other occasions or even in everyday life, which makes them quite more practical than a Dirndl that you wear only for this occasion.

Wear blue plaid blouse with puff sleeves with jeans pants or leather pants

A few ideas for hairstyles can be found here .