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Naughty fashion for small women over 60: What is allowed and what is too much of a good thing? Find out!

Gone are the days when older ladies had to be ashamed of their age and wear boring clothes like a wallflower! Peppy it should be nowadays to visually cheat away a few years and show everyone that age is just a number, despite which you can still feel young and fresh. But if you really want to reap compliments with your outfit, you should of course keep the balance and not overdo it with the youthful look. Especially small ladies sometimes have a hard time deciding what is right and what is wrong. What to keep in mind? We have some smart tricks for sassy fashion for small women 60+ that will completely transform you!

Choose the right patterns

Cheeky fashion for small women 60+ - choose floral pattern with large motifs

Floral patterns are kitschy and typical “granny”? Not if you choose them correctly. Of course, there is a risk that your blouse, dress or skirt will remind you of the robes of yesteryear, but only if you choose too small motifs – you know what kind of floral patterns we mean! Instead, reach for larger motifs – they are more upbeat and just perfect if you want sassy fashion for small women from 60. BUT: Since for small ladies too large prints again have a visually stifling effect, you should be more careful with the size and combine with garments and accessories that visually stretch .

Cheeky fashion for small women over 60 thanks to bold colors

Cheeky fashion for small women from 60 - coat in modern, bold red.

The fashion world is virtually flooded with interesting garments and outfits and in the most numerous colors. Take advantage of this to realize the sassy fashion for small women from 60. And by that we don’t just mean varying gray, beige, black and white. You should also replace bright and pale pastel colors like pink, baby blue or mint green with bolder shades more often. This adds a certain youthful vibe to outfits for little women as they age. But again, don’t overdo it, keep a balance. For example, instead of putting together a motley combination of clothes, small women should focus more on monochromatic combos, because this makes them visually taller.

Culottes for small ladies in age

Cheeky fashion for small women from 60 - culottes look playful, if worn correctly

Many ladies are not so sure about these pants – younger ones think they are too old-fashioned, while older ones think they might make them look older or on the contrary – be too peppy. Yet culottes are perfect for sassy fashion for little women over 60, because of all things, the airy, loose cut adds pep. Ankle-grazing is just the right cut and part of petite fashion (the hem ideally ends at the height of the shoes). The problem, however, is the loose cut, which isn’t particularly practical for petite sizes. However, you can solve it by simply choosing a slightly narrower model for the top to compensate, or you can use a waist belt that slims and thus stretches the silhouette. A high waist for the pants themselves also has this effect.

Speaking of wide cut, flared pants are not suitable for small women, regardless of age. They can quickly make you sink in the outfit. Therefore, culottes are a better choice – wide and basically with a flare, but ending at the level of the ankles.

The right shoes make for an upbeat look

Cheeky fashion for small women over 60 - Flat, but pointed shoes, or small heel

Little ladies especially benefit from pointed and/or high shoes. Well, we can understand if you don’t want to walk around town in a 10 cm heel anymore. It shouldn’t be quite that exaggerated anyway. On top of that, flat shoes are also really hip at the moment. So what’s left if you have to choose shoes according to your age on the one hand and your size on the other? Trendy it should be in any case, because nothing makes you look older than old-fashioned shoes. Therefore: if flat, then preferably something pointed at the toes and if heels, then best not too high models.

Fancy fashion for small, older women – Choosing the right handbags

The bag should not be too peppy and too big, for small and older ladies

Unique bag models as far as the eye can see! So hard is the choice and we would love to take them all home! But beware, not all models would actually flatter you! Elegant, with a touch of pizzazz is perfect, but too gaudy could make you look rather ridiculous. If you are short, you should also pay attention to the size of the handbag. Too clunky and large models can namely crush you visually. How good that just micro bags are in vogue!

Striking details in clothing in the second half of life

Fancy and eye-catching details in the outfit look peppy and cheeky

The clothes for small women may quietly have one or two surprising details – ruffles on sleeves and collars, for example, a stand-up collar, eye-catching jewelry or ornaments on the clothes. All this conveys that you are fashion-conscious, looks cheeky and playful and radiates fresh youthfulness. But again, don’t forget to balance it out, especially if you’ve created some volume with it (with puff sleeves, for example). This is also important if you are rather short, because chunky and voluminous will make you disappear in your outfit.

So if you want to conceal one or two love handles or belly with a wide top, then the pants or skirt should be a little tighter and vice versa. If only the sleeves are wide, then you also create a balance here. The statement necklace combine with a less flashy ladies bag and so on. We repeat: Sassy fashion for small women over 60 should have its measure to achieve the desired effect, rejuvenating and elegant at the same time.

Do not underestimate the glasses!

Make a cool statement with glasses to match the fresh outfit

Glasses have both the ability to flatter a person, and to achieve the opposite effect. But in any case, you can use them to your advantage by choosing an upbeat model (but for which you then, as already mentioned, create a balance with a plainer outfit). And by that we don’t necessarily mean colorful frames, but simply eye-catching designs: cat eye or butterfly glasses, but also the tortoiseshell in neutral shades. Whether you’re an eyeglass wearer or choose to wear glasses specifically for fashion purposes, they can tremendously upgrade your look as you age.